Welcome to Airpark Bike Co, the authorized Yeti Cycles dealer in Scottsdale, AZ. We proudly offer a wide range of Yeti bikes, known for their top-tier performance and cutting-edge design, suitable for all types of terrain and riders.

Yeti ARC in Scottsdale, AZ

Rediscover the Classics with Yeti ARC

The Yeti ARC, available at Airpark Bike Co, is a modern rendition of a classic mountain bike. This versatile bike is perfect for tackling various trails with its lightweight yet robust frame, offering an agile and responsive ride. Ideal for both singletrack enthusiasts and bikepacking adventurers, the ARC combines the nostalgia of mountain biking with contemporary advancements. Check out our selection of in-stock Yeti ARC models.

Yeti SB120 in Scottsdale, AZ

Elevate Your Ride with the Yeti SB120

The Yeti SB120 is a trail game-changer, providing an excellent balance between climbing prowess and descending capability. Its advanced suspension system and refined geometry ensure a smooth and controlled ride on challenging terrains. The SB120 is an ideal choice for riders seeking a bike that excels in both agility and stability. Explore our available Yeti SB120 models.

Discover More Yeti Bikes

At Airpark Bike Co, we offer a diverse range of Yeti bikes beyond the ARC and SB120. Our collection includes options for cross-country, enduro, and trail riding, ensuring a perfect match for every mountain biking enthusiast. To view our full range of Yeti bikes, visit our complete Yeti inventory.