Biking takes on a whole new feel at night. The streets and trails you know well can be more exciting in the dark. However, you have to be prepared for the absence of the sun. That means getting good lights to be seen and riding cautiously to avoid dangers. This guide will help you stay safe and have fun during your nighttime adventures.

1. Bring Lights – Duh!

Mount them on your frame and helmet. You’ll be able to see your surroundings and allow others to see you. Make sure they’re fully charged before you leave. We repeat, mAkE SUre tHEy ArE CHaRgED!

2. Bring Back-Up Lights

Having a second set of lights is helpful. You would be surprised what can happen to a bike light on the trail. Even the best lights run out of batteries, especially if you’re riding in the brightest settings.

3. Always Be Seen

Always stay in front of other drivers. Ride at least a few feet ahead to stay in their line of vision. The extra space helps in case of emergency.

4. Ride With Caution

Watch out for hazards like slippery leaves or potholes. If you’re new to biking, take it easy and don’t ride further or harder than you’re comfortable with.

5. Be Courteous to Others

Keep a respectful distance from others, and try not to blind them with your lights. Dim or angle your lights if you must approach or pass them.

6. Prepare for the Unexpected

Pack a kit with high-energy snacks, extra water, a first aid kit, and repair tools. You need a multi-tool with a chain breaker, spare inner tubes, tire levers, and a compact pump.

7. Plan Your Route

Familiarize yourself with the roads and trails. Use a GPS device to plan and track your journey. Learn about possible hazards and safe spots for breaks. Estimate your riding time and distance to know when you’ll be back.

8. Use the Buddy System

Tell someone you trust about your planned route and expected return time. Use a tracking app that lets them monitor your progress in real-time. Consider a riding partner or group for added security.

9. Wear the Right Gear

Temperatures can fluctuate at night, especially in fall and winter. Wrap up with a long-sleeved jersey, jacket, pants, and long socks. Pack extra layers or water-resistant gear, just in case.

10. Reflectors for Road Bikers

Reflectors are the law for road biking. Most bikes come with them, but if yours doesn’t, purchase a reflective vest so vehicles and other bikers will see you.

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