Dive into a new era of trail riding with the 2025 Orbea Rise! It’s an e-MTB powerhouse with a stiffer frame and more aggressive geometry than the first generation. Also flaunting bigger batteries and a more powerful RS Tuned Shimano EP801 motor. You’ll dance through corners and conquer the toughest courses like the boss you are. If you’re looking for your next trusty steed or you’re ready to dive head-first into the world of e-bikes, the Rise is your golden ticket to unforgettable times in the mountains.

2025 Orbea Rise e-MTB

Rider Synergy makes the 2025 Orbea Rise a stand-out bike. The system monitors your pedaling effort and adjusts the motor’s output to give you a natural boost as if it’s coming from you. RS Mode offers the perfect assistance to keep you riding strong and having fun without overwhelming your natural pedaling rhythm. When things get tough, RS+ Mode is an even bigger kick to handle steep climbs and technical sections.

The standard 420Wh battery is for those who live for the thrills. Or you can get a 210Wh range extender and a beefed-up 630Wh power pack. Then you’ll have extra juice to ride further and harder without running out of steam. Whatever you choose, you won’t feel bogged down by extra ounces.

2025 Orbea Rise e-MTB RS and RS+ Modes

The 2025 Orbea Rise LT and SL are two versions of trail-taming goodness. LT is the brawny older sibling with 160mm of front travel and 150mm out back to eat up the gnarliest drop. Always ready to push the envelope. SL is more refined with 140mm travel on both ends for finding your flowy rhythm. Whether you’re into smashing through rock gardens or dancing through singletracks, there’s a Rise model for you.

Another great thing about Orbea? The brand stands behind its products with unbeatable support. You can shred with peace of mind thanks to the the lifetime warranty. If your frane gets banged up, you can get a discounted replacement under the accident policy. Unleash your full potential with your very own 2025 Rise!

2025 Orbea Rise e-MTB

2025 Orbea Rise In Stock at Airpark Bike Co

We’re thrilled to announce we now sell Orbea bikes at Airpark Bike Co! You can get your 2025 Orbea Rise LT or SL from us today. Let us help you pick the model and color of your dreams. Tell us if we don’t have the one you want so we can order it for you. We offer the most competitive prices and convenient shipping and delivery options. Come to us to start your journey with Orbea. Or to get your hands on the best spare parts and riding gear!

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