Muc-Off is one of the most popular brands of bike cleaning and maintenance products. They’re biodegradable and safe on almost any material. Including carbon fiber, aluminum, steel and plastic. Perfect for everyone, from casual cyclists to dedicated race enthusiasts. Because a clean bike can perform well and last a lifetime! Here are five ways to use Muc-Off.

1. Bike Wash

Muc-Off has multiple bike wash products, like Bike Cleaner and Nano Tech Bike Cleaner. You first have to dilute the cleaner with water. Then you can use it on the frame, wheels and other parts. Carefully scrub with a brush or sponge to get rid of dirt and debris. Just be sure not to damage anything in the process. Rinse thoroughly with water.

2. Frame Protection

Use Muc-Off’s Bike Protect after the wash. The water will fall right off. And its high oil content will prevent scratches and corrosion. So the frame will look shiny and new for as long as possible. Just be sure to avoid the brakes with this product.

3. Chain Cleaner

Use Bio Drivetrain Cleaner on the chain and other parts. Scrub them off, then rinse with water and dry. You can also run through the brand’s X-3 Dirty Chain Machine. It has teeth and brushes that get into every link for a deep clean.

4. Chain Degreaser

The Dry Chain Degreaser is for use on the chain and other parts of the drivetrain. Like the cassette and chainrings. Spray it on when they’re dry and allow it to set for a few minutes. It will prevent build-up of dirt, oil and grease over time.

5. Lubrication

Finish off a clean chain with Muc-Off chain lube. It prevents corrosion and ensures all drivetrain parts work as they should. The brand has wet and dry lube options, as well as all-weather. Apply it directly to the chain, derailleurs and other pivot points. Wipe off excess with a rag so it doesn’t attract dirt.

Muc-Off Dry Chain Lube

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