Yes, you should buy an “expensive” bike. The quotations are necessary because cost is relative to a few things. Like who you are and where you live. You might be shocked by the price tags at an everyday cycling shop. Not expecting to see even the base models going for thousands of dollars. But here’s why they’re worth every penny.

1. Exceptional Quality

More expensive bikes are made the highest quality materials and precise engineering. Making them much more durable and longer-lasting than low-end bikes. That’s showcased on the frames, parts, and finishes. They look and feel premium, making your rides even more fun.

2. Premium Performance

Advanced features, as well as geometry and performance specs, lead to superior, efficiency, and handling. This is especially useful for racing. You can handle the steepest climbs and descents, and the most technical trail sections.

3. Lightweight Builds

These bikes are made to be as light as possible. From the frame to the pedals and more. They’re easier to whip around and accelerate. Making a huge difference in your performance and overall ride experience.

4. Advanced Features

High-end bikes have cutting-edge features and technology. Always what’s new and popular. Like innovative suspension, electronic shifting, hydraulic disc brakes, and tubeless tires. The higher the build, the more equipment you get.

5. Better Comfort and Fit

Advanced frame geometries and parts offer the most comfort. Especially on long-distance treks. The frames typically come in multiple sizes to work with different heights. Then means your bike with properly fit you.

6. High Resale Value

Premium bikes hold their resale value over time. If you want to upgrade or switch brands in the future, you should get back most of your initial payment.

Yeti ARC Hardtail Bike

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We carry high-end bikes from top brands at our shop. From Yeti, Santa Cruz, Norco, Cipollini, and more. Mountain, gravel and road models for whatever you want to achieve on two wheels. And now you know, they’re well worth the price! Let us help you choose your dream build kit. We also sell replacement parts and riding gear. Stop in or call us now!