You need proper tire pressure on your bike. It affects the performance, handling, comfort and control of your ride. There’s no one-size-fits-all psi (pound per square inch). The right amount varies by bike type and tire manufacturer. Here’s how to dial it in for any discipline.

Importance of Bike Tire Pressure

Landing the right psi makes your bike easier and more comfortable to ride. They have more rolling resistance – the energy needed to maintain movement at a consistent speed. Along with more grip with the ground. The recommended psi is typically printed on the side of the tire. Never go over the max PSI located on the sidewall of your tire.

Don’t Go Over or Under PSI

Underinflated tubed tires don’t have enough pressure, and they’re more likely to suffer a pinch flat. That’s when the inner tube is pressed and pinched between the metal rim and the ground. Underinflating in tubless tires on the other hand can cause damage to the sidewall and make it more likely to damage your rim. Overinflated tires are more likely to blow when they’re pumped up or from a big hit on your ride. Along with that you will lose traction while climbing and cornering at higher speeds.

General Guide for PSI

Mountain Bikes – 20-35 psi
Gravel Bikes – 25-60 psi
Road Bikes – 80-110 psi
Hybrid Bikes – 40-70 psi
Kid Bikes – 20-40 psi

Final Thoughts

Check the tire pressure weekly with a gauge. Or by pinching the tire between your fingers. If they don’t have enough pressure, they’ll feel too soft and cushiony. Too much makes them stiff. Add or take away air as needed. You should try out different PSIs – still in the recommended range – to find what works for you.

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