You need the right amount of air pressure in your bike tires. It affects the performance, handling, comfort, and control of your ride. There’s no one-size-fits-all psi (pounds per square inch). The right amount depends on what type of bike you have and the manufacturer. Here’s how to dial it in for any discipline.

Importance of Bike Tire Pressure

When you pump your tires to the right psi, your bike feels like a dream to ride. It handles smoothly and grips the road just right so you feel more in control and have more fun on the trails. The recommended pressure should be printed on the side of the tire. You can also check the manufacturer’s website or ask a bike mechanic.

Don’t Go Over or Under PSI

You can’t have too much or too little air in your bike tires. Pump them up too much, aka overinflating them, and you’ll have bumpy and uncomfortable rides with less grip. Which means you’re more likely to skid or slide and get in an accident.

Not pumping them up enough, aka underinflating them, makes them squishy and harder to roll. They’re also more likely to get punched and pop when you hit something. Check your tire pressure weekly with a gauge and always keep it in the recommended range.

General Guide for PSI

Mountain Bikes – 20-35 psi
Gravel Bikes – 25-60 psi
Road Bikes – 80-110 psi
Hybrid Bikes – 40-70 psi
Kid Bikes – 20-40 psi

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