Have you ever ridden an electric bike? It helps you keep up in stop-and-go traffic, easily haul kids or cargo, and use less energy while you travel. E-bikes come in classes for different levels of assistance. Learn what they are here to know what’s best for your lifestyle!

What are the classes?

Class 1 – Low-speed pedal-assisted bikes. Motor works up to 20 MPH while you’re pedaling.
Class 2 – Low-speed throttle-assisted bikes. Motor works up to 20 MPH while you’re pedaling. Throttle works without pedal assist.
Class 3 – Speed pedal-assisted bikes. Motor works up to 28 MPH while you’re pedaling. Comes with a speedometer and sometimes throttle.

What should I ride?

If you’re new to e-bikes, start with class one. These are the most affordable and universally accepted models. You can ride them almost anywhere bikes are allowed – city streets, most bike paths, and some mountain bike trails. Class two e-bikes are typically allowed in the same areas as class one because they also top out at 20 MPH.

Class three e-bikes are perfect for errands and commuting. You can keep up with traffic, trek up hills, and carry heavy loads. They’re restricted on certain paths and trails because of their high speed. Throttle is also restricted in some states. Check the laws where you live and in areas you want to ride before deciding what to buy.

Magnum Lowrider 2.0 Scottsdale, AZ

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