Power-to-weight ratio is an important part of your cycling performance. It’s the energy you generate when you pedal compared to your body weight. PWR is most often measured in watts per kilogram. The more you have, the more power you can generate for each kilogram you weigh.

The Impact of Power-to-Weight

More power-to-weight is better on your bike. It gives you bursts of energy for faster acceleration. This is especially great for racing. You have more endurance and efficiency to ride longer and harder without wearing yourself out. Plus, you can generate more power to get over hills.

How to Calculate Power-to-Weight

Use a power meter to record the force you apply to the pedals. That’s your power output. Weigh yourself with your cycling gear on. Divide pounds to 2.20462 to convert them to kilograms. Lastly, divide your power output in watts by your weight in kilograms. The answer is your power-to-weight ratio. It’s expressed in W/kg.

How to Optimize Power-to-Weight

The best way to improve your power-to-weight ratio is with strength and interval training. Do leg exercises off your bike – squats, lunges, leg presses and more – to build up your muscles and help you ride fast. Incorporate high-intensity exercises in your rides. Like 30 seconds of sprinting, two minutes of recovery, and repeat. Just sure to rest and recover to avoid overusing your muscles and hurting yourself.

You should also improve your cycling cadence. That’s how many times you complete a full pedal revolution in one minute. Aim for 80-100 RPM. Get a proper bike fit and maintain good nutrition, too. All of these things will make you more powerful in the saddle.

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