There’s nothing scarier than being sent over the bars on your bike. It can happen if you hit a sudden obstacle, your front wheel gets stuck on something, or you put too much weight on the front of your bike. Also if you lose traction, brake too hard, or experience brake failure. Causing serious damage to your body and your bike. But it’s avoidable with these tips!

1. Distribute Your Weight

Shift your weight to the back of your bike when suddenly braking and traveling downhill. This move keeps your center of gravity from shifting too far forward. You can lean forward in other scenarios, like climbing, cornering, and maneuvering obstacles.

2. Don’t Ride Too Fast

Riding fast is exhilarating. But if you’re not used to the speed, you can lose total control of your bike. Stay at a comfortable pace to avoid crashing. You can always practice and work your way up to higher MPH.

3. Don’t Overuse the Brakes

The front brakes give you the most stopping power, but you have to use them wisely. Don’t squeeze them too hard. Especially when riding on wet and slippery trails. Gradual and controlled braking is best at all times.

4. Upgrade the Brakes

If you enjoy riding fast and navigating technical terrain, you should consider better brakes. High-quality disc brakes give you superior control and stopping power. Consult with a trusted bike shop to find out what you can use.

5. Maintain Your Bike

You have to keep up with bike maintenance to avoid major hazards. Regularly check the brakes, tires, and other parts for wear and damage. Get them serviced or replaced at a cycling shop. Or do it yourself if you have the expertise.

6. Get a Proper Bike Fit

The problem might not be you, but your bike. It has to fit you properly to give you proper performance and help you avoid spills. Adjust the handlebars, saddle, and geometry (if possible) to work with your body size. Or get a new bike in a different size.

Get Your Bike Serviced at Airpark Bike Co

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