You might be wondering what to wear while cycling. Bike-specific clothing makes your rides easier and more comfortable. And it betters your performance. Some pieces are reflective, so you stand out to other riders and motorists. Here’s what to wear.

Shorts – Perfect for warmer months. They have stretch fabric for easy movement. Some also have gripper elastic at the leg openings. So they stay in place when you’re pedaling.

Pants – Needed for colder months. They’re also stretchy, and they don’t chafe. You can also wear full length tights. If they’re not padded, wear them over shorts.

Jersey – It’s stretchable, breathable, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and form-fitting. A front zipper for ventilation, and wider cut shoulders for more comfort in the riding position. Longer in the back for maximum coverage, and reflective material for night riding.

Jacket – Also for colder weather. Some are warmer than others. So keep that in mind depending on where you live. If it rains often, get one that’s waterproof.

Shoes – The right pair depends on your pedals. If they’re clipless, then you need specific soles that can engage with them. If they’re platform, you can wear any kind of shoes. You can get covers for wet or rainy rides. They’ll keep your feet warm and dry. You should also consider waterproof socks.

Helmet – This isn’t clothing, but it should be worn by all cyclists. If you fall of your bike, your head will be protected. Any helmet can work for any type of riding. Just make sure it fits you well.

Accessories – Sunglasses will protect your eyes from UV rays and flying debris. A cap is good insulation for winter rides. Cycling gloves help you maintain better grip on the handlebars. And finally cycling socks to wick away sweat.