Rolling resistance is a pivotal part of your cycling experience. It’s friction between your bike tires and the ground, which impacts your performance and overall ride experience. The good news is your can control it. Let’s delve into the science of rolling resistance and how to get less.

What Is Rolling Resistance?

Rolling resistance is the force that opposes the motion of bike tires as they roll along a road or trail. When you pedal, the tires compress slightly as they touch the ground. This creates friction, which generates resistance. The more there is, the slower you’ll go. So you want the least amount possible for proper speed, performance and efficiency.

What Affects Rolling Resistance?

Tire Construction – The tread pattern, casing material, and type of rubber compound affects rolling resistance. High-quality materials and a smoother tread pattern cause less resistance.

Tire Pressure – Over-inflated tires have less contact with the ground, and under-inflated tires have too much contact. Both factors cause higher rolling resistance.

Tire Size – The size of your tires also affects the amount of contact they have with the ground. Wider tires generally have less rolling resistance.

Terrain – You have less resistance on smooth surfaces, and more resistance on rough paths.

Rider Weight – Heavier riders and big cargo loads add resistance.

How Can I Get Less Rolling Resistance?

Choose the Right Type of Tires – Tires should be tailored to your riding style and the terrain you plan to travel on. Road cyclists should use slick or semi-slick tires. Off-road cyclists need a more agressive tread pattern.

Invest in High-Quality Tires – Higher-quality tires have an advanced rubber compound designed for low rolling resistance. They’re more expensive, but have more performance and longevity benefits.

Properly Inflate Your Tires – Always maintain a pressure that’s within the manufacturer’s recommended range. Also consider tire size, your weight, and riding terrain.

Clean Your Tires – Keep them free of dirt, debris and foreign objects that you might pick up on your rides.

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