Wireless shifting is a game-changer in the mountain bike world. It’s an electronic system lets you shift gears with switches. Not with conventional control levers and mechanical cables. Now you’re wondering how it works and how to install it. Also if it’s actually better than a traditional mechanical system. Here are the answers.

What Is Wireless Shifting

There are three parts in a wireless shifting system:

Shifters – The shifters communicate wirelessly with the derailleurs – the devices the move the chain between gears. You just have to push a button or pull a lever on the handlebars.

Derailleurs – The derailleurs move the chain between different gears on the front and rear cogs.

Batteries – The whole system works with batteries. They supply energy for the communication and movement between the shifters and the derailleurs.

Pros of Wireless Shifting

There are many benefits of wireless shifting:

Precise Gear Changes – Wireless shifting gives you the most precise and reliable gear changes.

Minimal Effort – You don’t have to put much effort into gear changes. Just push a button or pull a lever.

Clean Look – There are no cables on the bike frame. Giving it a cleaner and more aesthetically-pleasing look.

Less Maintenance – All you have to do is check and replace the batteries every so often. No cables means no cable stretch so you rarely ever have to adjust.

Easy to Install – Installation is easier than routing and adjusting shifting cables.

Cons of Wireless Shifting

But there are a couple cons to wireless shifting:

Higher Cost – Wireless shifting systems are typically more expensive than mechanical systems.

Time to Adjust – It might take you a while to get used to the feel of the system.

How to Install Wireless Shifting

First you need to check if wireless shifting will work on your bike. Just ask a trusted bike shop. Once you have the green light, follow these steps:

Remove Shifting Parts – Take off the shifters, derailleurs, cables, and cable housings from the traditional mechanical system.

Install New Derailleurs – Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the wireless derailleurs to the derailleur hangers.

Install New Shifters – Mount the wireless shifters on the handlebars. Tighten the clamps according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Connect Shifters to Derailleurs – Follow the manufacturer’s pairing instructions to wireless connect the shifters to the derailleurs.

Install Batteries – Put the right size batteries in the shifters and derailleurs. You can use disposable or rechargeable.

Pair the System – Follow the manufacturer’s pairing and calibrating instructions if needed.

Test it Out – Shift through all gears to ensure they change smoothly and accurately.

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