SRAM is finally tapping into the e-bike market with its new Eagle Powertrain. It works in conjunction with the brand’s own Eagle AXS Transmission. Bringing top power to your e-MTB. You get up to 90Nm of torque and 680W peak power. The compact 630Wh battery gives you just enough boost for a roundtrip excursion.

Or there’s a bigger 720Wh battery for a full-send. When you want to push your limits and see how many skills you can master in one go. The 250Wh range extender will get you up and down the mountain, then up and down again!

Auto Shift and Coast Shift

SRAM’s latest eBike powertrain introduces groundbreaking technology, revolutionizing the cycling experience. AutoShift seamlessly and intelligently adjusts gears in real-time, enhancing rider efficiency and comfort. Coast Shift automatically changes gears as you’re coasting. This innovation promises smoother, effortless rides, making SRAM a frontrunner in the electric bicycle industry.

New SRAM Eagle Powertrain Coast Shift

Range and Rally Modes

Those aren’t the only options to tailor your ride experience. Range Mode helps you save energy on long treks with easy terrain. Rally Mode is useful on shorter rides. Or whenever you want to use full power. Switch between Auto Shift, Coast Shift, Range and Rally from the AXS display screen in the top tube!

New SRAM Eagle Powertrain Range and Rally Modes

AXS Seamless Integration

Everything is controlled by two AXS pods on the handlebars. A totally wireless, easy-to-use cockpit that you’d absolutely expect from SRAM. The AXS Bridge Display is full color and waterproof with gorilla glass – truly indestructible! It shows your ride mode, battery life, and what gear you’re in. So you know exactly what you’re getting out of your bike. You can even view it on the go and customize some features in the AXS app.

New SRAM Eagle Powertrain AXS Bridge Display

Eagle Powertrain on Nukeproof Bikes

Nukeproof is one of the first cycling brands to employ the new SRAM Eagle Powertrain. You can get it on the Nukeproof Megawatt Carbon e-MTB. This bike has a full carbon frame in small to extra-extra-large sizes. With mixed wheels and 170mm travel on both ends. Get it now at Airpark Bike Co!

2024 Nukeproof Megawatt Carbon Bike with SRAM Eagle Powertrain

Buy Your Own SRAM Eagle Powertrain Bike

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