With an electric bike, the heart of the ride lies in the battery. It needs proper care for optimal performance and longevity. Because you want it to power your travels forever! Here’s what to focus on.

Use the Right Charger

The battery likely came with a battery made by the manufacturer. That’s what you need to stick with. A battery from another company/manufacturer can be ineffective and downright dangerous. Overcharging it or causing other problems that affect its health and lifespan.

Charge It Properly

Charge it regularly but don’t overcharge it. It might come with a battery management system to prevent this. Unplug it when the battery is full. Consistent partial charging is better than nothing at all.

Be Mindful of Discharging

Most e-bikes have a lithium-ion battery that should be shallowly discharged. That means not letting the charge drop significantly before plugging it in. Don’t fully drain it. Keep it at a comfortable level – at least 20% – for better performance.

Use It Regulary

The battery needs regular exercise to keep the electrons flowing. If it’s unused for too long, it will degrade faster. Try to ride with it a few times a week, even for short distances.

Do Regular Inspections

Inspect the battery at least once a month. Look for damage or wear and fix or replace it as needed. Clean the contact points for a secure connection. These steps will prevent major issues down the line.

Store it in a Safe Place

If you do have to store the battery, take it off the bike if possible. Keep it in a place that’s cool, dry, and fire-safe. Away from direct sunlight and extreme weather. It should be partially charged to maintain its health during inactivity. Around 50% is best. Then get it up to 100% to use it again.

Control the Temperature

Don’t expose the battery to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Lithium-ion batteries are flammable. So heat is especially dangerous. Again, store it in a cool, dry, fire-safe place when you’re not using it.

Update the Software

Software updates enhance the performance and effectiveness of the battery. They can also treat and prevent problems. Like malfunctions or drainage. You want it to be up to date at all times.

Follow Manufacturer Guidelines

The above tips work for any e-bike batter. But always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for your specific model. They serve as a roadmap for proper use and care.

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