You’ve probably heard the term “high-pivot mountain bike.” It refers to a full-suspension mountain bike with a distinct rear suspension configuration. This guide will tell you more about this configuration. Along with the unique advantages of these bikes.

Definition of a High-Pivot Mountain Bike

Most full-suspension mountain bikes have a main pivot near or just above the bottom bracket. It connects the front and rear triangles, and allows the rear triangle to rotate and compress the shock as you ride along. High-pivot mountain bikes have a much higher pivot point. It’s typically located above the bottom bracket. This placement alters the bike’s suspension behavior in a good way. Allowing for better performance on more challenging trails.

Advantages of a High-Pivot Mountain Bike

Anti-Squat Properties – Many high-pivot bikes have anti-squat characteristics in suspension kinematics. Anti-squat counters rear suspension compression while you pedal, bettering your climbing power and overall efficiency.

Active Suspension – The path of the rear wheel is less likely to interfere with changes in chainstay length. The suspension can remain active and responsive for a smoother and more controlled ride.

Better Bump Absorption – A higher pivot location allows the back wheel to move rearward and upward more freely when you ride over obstacles. This leads to better traction and shock absorbion on technical terrain.

Less Pedal Kickback – The pedals are less likely to rotate or move back when the rear suspension compresses. You maintain pedaling efficiency, especially on climbs.

Works for Different Disciplines – A higher pivot can be used on many types of mountain bikes. Including downhill, enduro, and trail.

Learn More About High-Pivot Bikes in Scottsdale

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