Your mountain bike fork is one of the unsung heroes of your rides. The front suspension system connects the front wheel to the frame with two legs extending from the handlebars. It has an important job – to absorb bumps and shocks from the ground to smooth things out and keep you in control. The fork’s internals will eventually wear out, and you’ll have to replace it. Or you might want to upgrade to a better model.

When to Replace Your Bike Fork

Your fork might feel sticky or hard to move even after you’ve cleaned and lubricated it. A clear sign that you need a new one. The same goes if oil leaks from the seals or on the legs. Look for scratches or worn-out coating on the upper tubes and bent or damaged lower legs, which show it’s reached the end of its life. Another red flag is that it isn’t reaching its full travel limit even after you’ve adjusted the spring or air pressure. That means something’s wrong with the internal parts. If you notice any of these problems, it’s time to swap out your fork.

Fox Mountain Bike Fork

How to Swap Out Your Bike Fork

Replacing your mountain bike fork is easy if you have the right tools. You need Allen keys, a torque wrench, and a hacksaw. Put your bike in a stand and take off the front wheel. Open the quick-release lever or unscrew the thru-axle and lower the wheel out of the dropouts. If you have rim brakes, unhook the cable and remove the caliper. For disc brakes, unscrew the mounting bolts and carefully detach the caliper.

Take off any accessories like a rack or light. Unscrew the stem top cap and loosen the bolts. Slide out the old fork and put the spacers and headset parts in a safe place. Measure the length of the steerer tube from the old fork. If the tube on the new fork is too long, cut it with a hacksaw and grind down the end to make it smooth. Slide the new fork through the head tube and reattach the headset parts.

Reinstall the brake cable for rim brakes or remount the brake caliper for disc brakes. Line up the front wheel with the fork, slide it into place, and tighten the skewer or axle until it’s snug and spins on its own without wobbling. Make sure all the bolts are tightened to the right specs and the headset is properly adjusted. Check and adjust the cable tension for rim brakes or realign the caliper with the rotor for disc brakes. For the last step, adjust the spring or air pressure to your settings. Now you’re ready to roll!

Fox Mountain Bike Fork

Let Us Service Your Mountain Bike Fork

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