Every new Yeti bike has Switch Infinity Suspension. The system uses a patented translating pivot that switches direction as the bike moves. This gives you a tailored anti-squat curve. It also allows the leverage ratio to be tuned independently. Other bike suspensions can’t do that.

A high anti-squat value gives you incredible pedaling performance. As you ride, the anti-squat drops off. This lets the custom-tuned shock to perform as it was intended to. All of these characteristics give you a bottomless feel and great mid-stroke support.

The suspension also adapts to different platforms. And it can be tuned for an infinite range of kinematic curves. To top it off, it’s incredibly simple, lightweight and bomb-proof. It was made to withstand all weather conditions… even the worst ones.

So how do you service the Switch Infinity? All you have to do is keep it clean and grease it. For dry or dusty conditions, it is recommended to grease the Switch Infinity stanchions every 75 to 100 hours of riding or for excessive mud, dust or frequent washing, every 25-50 hours. Don’t disassemble the suspension yourself. Leave that to a professional.