Sun Baja Trike

24"Graphite Metallic

SN: S22001

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Key Specs

  • High-Tensile Steel Low-Step frame
  • Sunrise 7-speed Drivetrain
  • 24 inch 80mm wide alloy wheelset
  • Front lever brake with parking lock
  • 24”x3.50” Vee Speedster Black wall Front tire
  • 24”x3.50” Vee Speedster Black wall Rear tires
  • Sun XL trike Saddle With heavy-duty steel base
  • Rear Basket/Rack with wood deck


The Sun Baja Trike is a versatile and well-equipped three-wheeled wonder that offers a delightful ride with its impressive array of features. The foundation of this trike is a High-Tensile Steel Low-Step frame, designed to provide stability and easy access. This frame ensures a sturdy and reliable structure, making the Sun Baja Trike a dependable companion on any adventure.

Powering the trike is the Sunrise 7-speed Drivetrain, offering a range of gears to tackle various terrains with ease. Whether you're navigating uphill slopes or cruising on flat roads, the drivetrain allows for smooth and efficient pedaling, enabling riders to maintain a comfortable pace throughout their journey.

The Sun Baja Trike rolls on a 24-inch 80mm wide alloy wheelset, contributing to its overall stability and control. These wheels strike an ideal balance between width and weight, ensuring a secure grip on the road while minimizing any unnecessary drag. With this combination, the trike delivers a smooth and enjoyable ride experience, no matter the surface.

Safety is paramount in any ride, and the Sun Baja Trike includes a front lever brake with a parking lock. This braking system provides excellent stopping power, instilling confidence in riders when it comes to managing speed and control. Additionally, the parking lock ensures that the trike stays securely in place when stationary, preventing any accidental movement.

The Sun Baja Trike's front tire is the 24”x3.50” Vee Speedster Black wall, designed to handle different road conditions with ease. This tire's versatility enables it to smoothly glide over rough patches and maintain stability on both paved and unpaved surfaces. Paired with a matching 24”x3.50” Vee Speedster Black wall rear tire, the trike delivers optimal traction and comfort throughout the ride.

Comfort plays a significant role in prolonged rides, and the Sun Baja Trike addresses this aspect with its Sun XL trike Saddle. This saddle features a heavy-duty steel base, providing exceptional support and cushioning. With this comfortable seat, riders can enjoy extended excursions without experiencing discomfort or fatigue.

Additionally, the Sun Baja Trike comes equipped with a Rear Basket/Rack with a wood deck. This feature adds practicality to the trike, allowing riders to carry their belongings with ease. Whether it's a picnic basket, groceries, or personal items, this rear basket provides ample space and secure storage for all necessities during the journey.

In summary, the Sun Baja Trike is a well-crafted three-wheeled marvel that combines durability, functionality, and comfort. Its High-Tensile Steel Low-Step frame ensures a robust foundation, while the Sunrise 7-speed Drivetrain offers versatility in conquering various landscapes. The 24-inch 80mm wide alloy wheelset and Vee Speedster tires contribute to a smooth and stable ride experience. Safety is paramount with the front lever brake and parking lock, ensuring riders' confidence and control. The Sun XL trike Saddle with a heavy-duty steel base ensures maximum comfort during long rides, complemented by the practical Rear Basket/Rack with a wood deck for easy and secure storage of belongings.