Haro Downtown 20

20"Matte Army Green

SN: H22027

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Key Specs

  • Haro steel frame with 1-⅛” integrated headtube for durability and classic BMX aesthetics.
  • 36h alloy single wall wheelset for responsiveness and versatility.
  • Radius alloy 990 U-brake rear for reliable stopping power.
  • Haro La Mesa Tires front and rear for traction on various terrains.
  • Haro 3 piece cr-mo cranks for pedaling efficiency and power.
  • Haro Baseline Saddle for personalized comfort.
  • Haro Flangeless Grips for control and style.


The Haro Downtown 20 epitomizes the essence of BMX culture, offering a harmonious blend of nostalgia, innovation, and performance. Designed to honor the roots of BMX riding while catering to the needs of modern enthusiasts, the Downtown 20 embodies the spirit of adventure, creativity, and urban exploration. With a meticulous selection of features, this bicycle invites riders to embrace their youthful spirit, conquer city landscapes, and express their individuality through daring tricks and stunts.

Central to the identity of the Haro Downtown 20 is its steel frame with a 1-⅛” integrated headtube. Crafted from robust steel, this frame pays homage to the timeless BMX design while exhibiting the resilience required for vigorous riding. The integrated headtube not only contributes to the bike's sleek appearance but also enhances its structural integrity. This frame's geometry strikes an equilibrium between stability and maneuverability, empowering riders to navigate tight corners, ramps, and urban obstacles with ease. Whether it's leisurely rides or more daring escapades, the Downtown 20's frame serves as the bedrock for a thrilling and secure riding experience.

The 36h alloy single wall wheelset underscores the bike's commitment to durability and lightweight construction. Crafted from alloy material, these wheels imbue the bike with responsiveness, allowing riders to accelerate rapidly and maintain a dynamic pace. The single wall design, in addition to exuding a classic charm, strikes a fine balance between strength and weight. These wheels encapsulate the spirit of BMX, where every component is meticulously designed to amplify the rider's sense of freedom and self-expression.

In terms of safety and control, the Haro Downtown 20 stands out with its Radius alloy 990 U-brake rear. This rear brake system provides consistent stopping power, a critical element for maintaining control during rapid descents, sharp turns, and unforeseen urban obstacles. The U-brake design not only ensures effectiveness but also pays homage to the iconic BMX heritage that has significantly shaped the bike's design.

Tires play an instrumental role in determining a bike's performance, and the Downtown 20 excels with its Haro La Mesa Tires featured on both the front and rear wheels. These tires strike the perfect equilibrium between grip and speed, ensuring that riders can confidently tackle a range of terrains. Whether navigating bustling city streets, dirt paths, or skate parks, the La Mesa tires guarantee the traction necessary for a smooth and controlled ride. This inclusion underscores the bike's adaptability, ensuring riders are equipped to explore diverse riding environments.

Efficiency and power are paramount for any rider, and the Haro 3 piece cr-mo cranks excel in delivering both. Constructed from chromium-molybdenum steel, these cranks offer a robust platform for generating pedaling power, enabling riders to accelerate seamlessly and maintain consistent momentum. Whether embarking on leisurely cruises or performing tricks at a local skate park, these cranks form the foundation for an engaging and dynamic ride.

Comfort, a critical factor in an enjoyable riding experience, is duly addressed by the Haro Downtown 20 through its Haro Baseline Saddle. Designed with rider comfort in mind, this saddle caters to a range of preferences, ensuring users can find their optimal seating position. Whether embarking on leisurely rides or engaging in more intense freestyle maneuvers, the saddle guarantees that comfort remains uncompromised.

The Haro Flangeless Grips transcend mere aesthetics, playing a pivotal role in rider control and hand comfort. Designed to provide a secure grip, these grips enable riders to maintain control while executing intricate tricks and maneuvers. Beyond functionality, they add a touch of individuality to the bike's overall appearance, capturing the essence of BMX culture and personal style.

In summation, the Haro Downtown 20 provides a gateway to the world of BMX riding, offering a canvas for self-expression, exploration, and nostalgia. With its steel frame featuring a 1-⅛” integrated headtube, 36h alloy single wall wheelset, Radius alloy 990 U-brake rear, Haro La Mesa Tires, Haro 3 piece cr-mo cranks, Haro Baseline Saddle, and Haro Flangeless Grips, this bicycle is an intricate mosaic of features thoughtfully chosen to cater to the demands and aspirations of contemporary riders while embracing the rich heritage of BMX culture that has defined it.