Haro Shredder Girls 20

20"Sky Blue

SN: H22054

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Key Specs

  • Haro 6061 alloy Frame for durability and lightweight performance.
  • Promax alloy brake rear for reliable deceleration and control.
  • Kenda Tires front and rear for traction across different terrains.
  • Haro 1 piece steel cranks for introducing pedaling efficiency.
  • Jr Haro padded adjustable Saddle for personalized comfort.
  • Haro Mini Grips for control and enhanced rider comfort.


The Haro Shredder, a beacon of entry-level BMX excellence, is a bike designed to introduce young riders to the exhilarating world of freestyle riding. With its array of carefully chosen features, from the Haro 6061 alloy Frame to the Haro Mini Grips, this bicycle embodies the spirit of fun, learning, and adventure. Catering to budding BMX enthusiasts who are eager to explore the realm of tricks, jumps, and stylish maneuvers, the Haro Shredder is an invitation to embrace the thrill of freestyle riding while building a foundation for future growth and skill development.

At the heart of the Haro Shredder's design is its Haro 6061 alloy Frame, a testimony to the balance between durability and lightweight performance. Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, this frame is engineered to withstand the rigors of beginner freestyle riding while providing a manageable weight for young riders to control and maneuver. The 6061 alloy Frame's geometry is thoughtfully designed to accommodate the dynamic movements of BMX tricks, offering a stable platform for executing jumps, spins, and other exciting maneuvers. As riders embark on their BMX journey, the frame acts as a canvas for their creativity, providing the support and stability needed to confidently experiment and learn.

Enhancing the bike's performance and safety is the Promax alloy brake rear. This rear brake system ensures reliable deceleration, empowering young riders to maintain control while practicing tricks and maneuvers. While the Promax alloy brake is a fundamental feature, it instills the importance of safety and control early in a rider's BMX experience, encouraging responsible riding habits from the start.

Mounted on both the front and rear wheels are the Kenda Tires, essential components that dictate traction and stability across a range of terrains. These tires strike a balance between grip and speed, enabling young riders to confidently execute tricks and maneuvers as they explore the world of BMX riding. Whether cruising around the neighborhood or attempting their first tricks at a local park, the Kenda Tires provide a smooth and controlled ride, instilling confidence and inspiring young riders to progress.

The Haro 1 piece steel cranks are carefully chosen to introduce young riders to the fundamental concept of pedaling efficiency and power. While these cranks may lack some of the advanced features found in higher-end models, they serve as a sturdy foundation for young riders to learn the basics of pedaling and control. The 1 piece steel cranks act as the starting point for young riders to develop an understanding of how pedaling contributes to speed, balance, and overall control on a BMX bike.

Rider comfort is prioritized with the Jr Haro padded adjustable Saddle, a feature designed to cater to the unique needs of young riders during their learning journey. Engineered to provide support during extended rides and practice sessions, this saddle ensures that young riders can focus on honing their skills without discomfort hindering their progress. The adjustable feature allows young riders to find their optimal riding position, enhancing their overall experience and enjoyment.

The Haro Mini Grips, beyond their contribution to the bike's aesthetics, play an important role in enhancing rider control and comfort. Designed to provide a secure grip, these grips empower young riders to maintain control while practicing tricks and maneuvers. Despite their small size, the Haro Mini Grips offer a significant impact on a rider's ability to execute tricks safely and confidently.

In summary, the Haro Shredder is a vessel of discovery for young riders venturing into the captivating world of BMX riding. With its Haro 6061 alloy Frame, Promax alloy brake rear, Kenda Tires front and rear, Haro 1 piece steel cranks, Jr Haro padded adjustable Saddle, and Haro Mini Grips, this bicycle is thoughtfully equipped to provide a safe and exciting experience for aspiring BMX enthusiasts. It underscores the significance of foundational skills while fostering a love for freestyle riding, inviting young riders to explore their potential and ignite their passion for BMX in a supportive and exhilarating environment.