Haro Sloride BMX 24 Gloss Black 24"


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Haro Sloride BMX 24 Gloss Black 24"


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Color: Gloss Black
Size: 24"

SN: H22063

6061-t6 heat treated alloy Frame for durability and lightweight performance.

36h alloy Double wall wheelset for agility and strength.

Promax Alloy V-Brake rear for precise control and safety.

Kenda Kranium Tires front and rear for optimal traction on various terrains.

Haro 3 piece cr-mo cranks for exceptional pedaling efficiency and power.

Haro padded adjustable Saddle for personalized comfort.

Haro Team Grips for enhanced rider control and individuality.


The Haro Sloride BMX is a testament to the timeless allure of freestyle riding, an art form that has captured the hearts of riders for decades. As a vehicle of creative expression and thrilling adventure, the Sloride BMX encapsulates the essence of BMX culture while incorporating modern features that elevate the riding experience to new heights. From its 6061-t6 heat treated alloy Frame to its Haro Team Grips, every aspect of the Sloride BMX is a deliberate choice that speaks to both the sport's heritage and its ongoing evolution.

The foundation of the Haro Sloride BMX's design is its 6061-t6 heat treated alloy Frame, a marvel of engineering that balances durability and lightweight performance. Constructed from high-grade aluminum alloy, this frame is subjected to heat treatment to maximize its strength and resilience. The result is a frame that can withstand the demands of freestyle riding, from high-impact landings to rigorous tricks, without compromising on weight. The 6061-t6 heat treated alloy Frame is engineered with a geometry that honors BMX traditions while accommodating modern riding styles, providing a stable and responsive platform for riders to execute their moves with confidence.

Enhancing the bike's overall performance and durability is the 36h alloy Double wall wheelset. Crafted from lightweight alloy and featuring double-walled rims, these wheels offer a blend of agility and strength that's essential for the rigors of freestyle riding. The double-walled rims provide superior impact resistance, making them well-equipped to handle the forces generated during jumps, tricks, and stunts. The alloy Double wall wheelset ensures that riders experience responsive acceleration and a consistent ride quality, allowing them to seamlessly transition between various surfaces and maneuvers.

The Promax Alloy V-Brake rear is a testament to the importance of precise control and safety during freestyle riding. This brake system offers reliable stopping power, ensuring that riders can execute tricks and maneuvers with confidence, knowing that they have the means to control their speed when needed. The Promax Alloy V-Brake strikes a balance between simplicity and effectiveness, reflecting Haro's commitment to providing high-performance features without unnecessary complexity.

Both the front and rear wheels are adorned with Kenda Kranium Tires, which serve as the interface between the bike and the ground. These tires strike an ideal balance between grip and speed, enabling riders to confidently tackle various terrains while executing tricks and maneuvers. Whether riders are navigating skateparks, streets, or trails, the Kenda Kranium Tires ensure optimal traction, providing the confidence needed to explore their limits and push their boundaries.

The Haro 3 piece cr-mo cranks are the powerhouse behind the Sloride BMX's performance, translating rider energy into forward motion with precision. Crafted from chromium-molybdenum steel, these cranks are engineered for optimal pedaling efficiency and power transfer. Whether riders are sprinting, performing high-flying tricks, or executing technical maneuvers, the Haro 3 piece cr-mo cranks provide the robust foundation necessary to excel in freestyle riding. These cranks reflect the sport's commitment to pushing limits and embracing challenges with a blend of strength and finesse.

Rider comfort is upheld by the Haro padded adjustable Saddle, designed to cater to the unique needs of freestyle riders. Engineered to provide support during extended sessions, this saddle ensures that riders can focus on their performance without discomfort hindering their progress. The adjustable feature allows riders to fine-tune their riding position for maximum comfort, allowing them to concentrate on perfecting their tricks and maneuvers.

The Haro Team Grips, beyond their role in enhancing the bike's aesthetics, play a crucial role in enhancing rider control and comfort. These grips are meticulously designed to provide a secure hold, ensuring that riders maintain a firm grasp during even the most dynamic tricks and maneuvers. Beyond functionality, the Haro Team Grips add a personal touch to the bike's appearance, underscoring the unique identity and style of each rider.

In summary, the Haro Sloride BMX is a homage to BMX culture, bridging the past and the present while setting the stage for the future. With its 6061-t6 heat treated alloy Frame, 36h alloy Double wall wheelset, Promax Alloy V-Brake rear, Kenda Kranium Tires front and rear, Haro 3 piece cr-mo cranks, Haro padded adjustable Saddle, and Haro Team Grips, this bicycle represents the culmination of thoughtful design and engineering expertise. It embodies the spirit of daring innovation and creative expression that defines BMX, inviting riders to embrace the rush of freestyle riding while forging their own path in the world of extreme sports.


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