Juliana Quincy 1 Rival SRAM Rival

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Key Specs

  • CC carbon frame
  • Sram Rival drivetrain
  • Juliana Carbon Gravel fork
  • WTB EZR I23p Tubeless wheelset
  • DT Swiss 370 Hubs
  • Sram Rival hydraulic disc brakes
  • Maxxis Ravager, 700 x 40c Front tire
  • Maxxis Ravager, 700 x 40c Rear Tire
  • Ergon Women’sSR10 Sport Gel Saddle
  • SRAM DUB, 68mm Road Wide bottom bracket


The Juliana Quincy 1 Rival CC is a gravel bike designed to deliver a smooth and versatile riding experience on a variety of surfaces. Packed with high-quality features and components, this bike offers a perfect blend of performance, comfort, and durability.

At the heart of the Quincy 1 Rival CC is the CC carbon frame. Constructed with precision and expertise, the carbon frame provides a lightweight yet robust foundation for the bike. Carbon fiber technology ensures optimal strength, stiffness, and vibration damping, resulting in a responsive and comfortable ride. The frame's geometry is specifically tailored for gravel riding, striking a balance between stability and agility.

The Sram Rival drivetrain is a key component of the Quincy 1 Rival CC, providing reliable and precise shifting performance. The 1x11 drivetrain configuration offers a wide range of gears to tackle various terrains and gradients. Whether it's tackling steep climbs or sprinting on flat sections, the Sram Rival drivetrain ensures smooth and efficient power transfer.

To enhance control and stopping power, the Quincy 1 Rival CC features Sram Rival hydraulic disc brakes. These brakes deliver consistent and reliable braking performance, regardless of weather conditions or terrain. The hydraulic disc brakes provide modulation and excellent stopping power, allowing riders to confidently navigate technical descents or come to a quick halt when needed.

The Juliana Carbon Gravel fork complements the frame's performance by providing precise handling and damping characteristics. This carbon fork absorbs road vibrations and reduces chatter, enhancing comfort during long rides. Its lightweight construction contributes to the overall agility and responsiveness of the bike.

The WTB EZR I23p Tubeless wheelset, paired with DT Swiss 370 hubs, ensures a reliable and efficient rolling experience. These components offer durability and strength to handle rough terrains and gravel surfaces. The tubeless setup allows for lower tire pressures, enhancing traction and reducing the risk of flats. The DT Swiss 370 hubs provide quick engagement and smooth rolling, ensuring a responsive and reliable connection between the pedals and the wheels.

The Quincy 1 Rival CC is equipped with Maxxis Ravager tires in a 700x40c size. These tires offer a versatile tread pattern that strikes a balance between low rolling resistance on pavement and grip on loose or uneven surfaces. With their generous width, the Maxxis Ravager tires provide stability and traction, making them ideal for gravel riding adventures.

For added comfort during long rides, the bike features the Ergon Women's SR10 Sport Gel saddle. Designed with female riders in mind, this saddle offers a supportive and ergonomic shape. The gel padding provides additional cushioning, reducing pressure points and enhancing overall comfort, even on rough terrains.

The SRAM DUB bottom bracket, with a 68mm Road Wide design, ensures efficient power transfer and durability. The wide bottom bracket provides increased stiffness and stability, allowing for optimal power transfer from the pedals to the drivetrain.

In summary, the Juliana Quincy 1 Rival CC is a high-performance gravel bike designed to excel on diverse surfaces and long rides. With its CC carbon frame, reliable drivetrain, powerful hydraulic disc brakes, carbon gravel fork, tubeless wheelset with DT Swiss hubs, versatile Maxxis Ravager tires, ergonomic saddle, and durable bottom bracket, this bike offers an exceptional riding experience for gravel enthusiasts.