2023 Rocky Mountain Solo Carbon 50 SRAM Rival 1x


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Key Specs

  • Rocky Mountain Smoothwall Carbon frame
  • Sram Rival drivetrain
  • Rocky Mountain Carbon Gravel fork
  • WTB ST i23 TCS 2.0 Tubeless wheelset
  • Sram Rival hydraulic disc brakes
  • WTB Venture TCS Light Fast Rolling 700 x 40c front tire
  • WTB Venture TCS Light Fast Rolling 700 x 40c rear tire
  • WTB Silverado Race 142 Saddle


The 2023 Rocky Mountain Solo Carbon 50 is a high-performance gravel bike that combines the lightweight and responsive characteristics of carbon fiber with reliable components to create an exceptional riding experience. At the heart of this bike is the Rocky Mountain Smoothwall Carbon frame, which offers a perfect balance of stiffness, strength, and weight savings. This carbon frame is meticulously engineered to provide excellent power transfer, precise handling, and vibration damping, resulting in a smooth and efficient ride on various terrains.

The Solo Carbon 50 is equipped with a Sram Rival drivetrain, known for its reliable and smooth shifting performance. The Sram Rival components offer a wide range of gears, allowing riders to easily adapt to varying gradients and maintain an optimal cadence. Whether you're climbing steep hills or cruising on flat roads, the Sram Rival drivetrain ensures efficient power transfer and precise gear changes, enhancing your overall riding experience.

To further enhance the bike's performance, the Rocky Mountain Carbon Gravel fork is employed. This carbon fork not only reduces weight but also absorbs vibrations and shocks from rough terrain, providing a smoother and more controlled ride. The Carbon Gravel fork contributes to the bike's precise handling and stability, allowing you to confidently navigate gravel roads, dirt paths, and uneven surfaces.

The WTB ST i23 TCS 2.0 Tubeless wheelset is designed to meet the demands of gravel riding. These lightweight and durable wheels feature a wide rim profile that enhances tire stability and allows for optimal traction when cornering. The tubeless-ready design provides the option to run lower tire pressures, which not only increases comfort but also improves grip and reduces the risk of punctures. With the WTB ST i23 TCS 2.0 Tubeless wheelset, you can confidently tackle gravel, dirt, and mixed surfaces with ease.

Braking performance is crucial in any riding situation, and the Sram Rival hydraulic disc brakes on the Solo Carbon 50 deliver reliable stopping power and modulation. These hydraulic disc brakes provide consistent and controlled braking performance, even in wet or muddy conditions. With the Sram Rival hydraulic disc brakes, you can confidently tackle descents and navigate technical sections, knowing that you have reliable and responsive stopping power at your fingertips.

The WTB Venture TCS Light Fast Rolling 700 x 40c tires are designed to excel in gravel and mixed terrain riding. With their versatile tread pattern and larger volume, these tires provide a balance between low rolling resistance on smooth surfaces and ample grip on loose or uneven terrain. The WTB Venture tires offer predictable handling and traction, allowing you to confidently explore various surfaces and tackle challenging conditions.

Completing the package is the WTB Silverado Race 142 saddle, designed to provide comfort and support during long rides. The Silverado Race saddle features a sleek and ergonomic design that minimizes pressure points and enhances pedaling efficiency. The saddle's supportive padding and shape ensure a comfortable riding position, allowing you to stay focused and enjoy the journey.

In summary, the 2023 Rocky Mountain Solo Carbon 50 is a high-performance gravel bike that combines a lightweight carbon frame, a reliable Sram Rival drivetrain, a responsive carbon fork, tubeless-ready wheels, powerful hydraulic disc brakes, versatile tires, and a comfortable saddle. Whether you're embarking on long gravel adventures, participating in gravel races, or exploring mixed terrain, the Solo Carbon 50 delivers a smooth, fast, and confident ride.