Santa Cruz Skitch GX AXS T-Type SRAM GX AXS Transmission

MDMatte Olive Green

SN: SC23092

MSRP $7,299.00

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Key Specs

  • CC carbon frame
  • SRAM GX AXS T-type drivetrain
  • Santa Cruz Carbon fork
  • Zipp Service Course 70 XPLR AL Bar
  • Easton ARC Offset 25 Tubeless wheelset
  • DT Swiss 370 Hubs
  • Fazua 430 Wh integrated battery
  • Fazua Ride60 drive unit
  • SRAM Rival hydraulic disc brakes
  • Schwalbe G-One Overland Evo, 700x45c, ADDIX SpeedGrip tires
  • WTB Silverado Medium CroMo Saddle


The Santa Cruz Skitch CC GX AXS is a premium bicycle that embodies the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, high-quality components, and superior design. It caters to riders who demand nothing less than excellence when it comes to performance, versatility, and aesthetics. This bike is not just a mode of transportation; it's a statement of sophistication and a tool for adventure. Let's delve deeper into the myriad of features that define the Santa Cruz Skitch CC GX AXS.

At its core, the Skitch CC boasts a CC carbon frame. Carbon fiber frames are celebrated for their lightweight nature and incredible strength, making them an ideal choice for riders seeking durability without sacrificing agility. This frame material ensures that the bike remains robust in the face of rough terrain while maintaining a nimble and responsive ride quality.

The drivetrain is a crucial component of any bicycle, and the Santa Cruz Skitch CC GX AXS doesn't disappoint. It is equipped with a SRAM GX AXS T-type drivetrain, showcasing the pinnacle of modern bicycle technology. The inclusion of the "AXS" in the name signifies the integration of SRAM's electronic shifting system. This electronic marvel translates into rapid, precise, and effortless gear changes at the mere touch of a button, transforming your cycling experience into something extraordinary.

The Santa Cruz Carbon fork further elevates the bike's performance. It not only complements the carbon frame but also plays a pivotal role in ensuring precise handling and a buttery-smooth ride. The combination of the carbon frame and fork results in a bicycle that effortlessly navigates various terrains, delivering a ride quality that's both plush and responsive.

Comfort and control are paramount when it comes to handlebars, and the Zipp Service Course 70 XPLR AL Bar is engineered to provide both. Designed with adventure riding in mind, this handlebar offers multiple hand positions, ensuring comfort even during the longest journeys. It's not just about looks; it's about optimizing your riding experience.

Wheels are the connection between the bike and the road or trail, and the Easton ARC Offset 25 Tubeless wheelset does this job with finesse. Tubeless wheels, a modern innovation, reduce the risk of punctures and allow for lower tire pressures, providing improved traction and a more comfortable ride on challenging surfaces. These wheels are further complemented by DT Swiss 370 Hubs, which ensure reliable hub engagement, translating into efficient power transfer to the ground.

One of the standout features of the Santa Cruz Skitch CC GX AXS is its electric assist capability. It's powered by a Fazua 430 Wh integrated battery and Fazua Ride60 drive unit. This electric assist system offers a valuable boost to your pedaling power when needed, whether you're facing steep ascents or covering long distances. It seamlessly integrates into the bike's design, providing a hidden source of energy that's ready to enhance your ride.

When it comes to safety and control, the SRAM Rival hydraulic disc brakes are a reliable choice. These brakes deliver consistent stopping power and modulation, ensuring that you can confidently tackle descents and navigate tricky terrain, regardless of weather conditions. Their hydraulic nature ensures precise and responsive braking performance.

The choice of tires plays a significant role in determining a bike's versatility. The Santa Cruz Skitch CC GX AXS is fitted with Schwalbe G-One Overland Evo tires in a 700x45c size. These tires strike an ideal balance between low rolling resistance on smooth roads and exceptional grip on rough, off-road terrain. With a generous 45mm width, they offer stability and traction, making the bike suitable for a wide range of riding conditions.

Lastly, comfort for the rider is addressed with the inclusion of the WTB Silverado Medium CroMo Saddle. This saddle provides a comfortable seating position for extended rides. Its medium width and CroMo rails offer a blend of support and comfort, ensuring that your saddle doesn't become a point of discomfort on your journeys.

In summary, the Santa Cruz Skitch CC GX AXS is a high-end bicycle that encompasses a CC carbon frame, SRAM GX AXS drivetrain with electronic shifting, a responsive carbon fork, tubeless wheelset with DT Swiss hubs, electric assist capabilities, reliable hydraulic disc brakes, versatile Schwalbe tires, and a comfortable WTB saddle. It is a bicycle designed to excel in a variety of riding conditions, from smooth roads to challenging off-road adventures. Whether you're an experienced cyclist seeking top-tier performance or a newcomer looking for a reliable and versatile option, the Santa Cruz Skitch CC GX AXS is a compelling choice.