Haro Flightline One 26

XSMatte Black/Blue

SN: H22011

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Key Specs

  • FL One X6 Series alloy frame for durability and contemporary design.
  • HL 80mm travel suspension fork for a smoother ride on diverse terrains.
  • Shimano Tourney Drivetrain for reliable shifting and versatile performance.
  • 26” alloy wheelset for agility and responsiveness.
  • Promax V brakes for dependable stopping power.
  • H-5120 26 x 2.25” Tires front and rear for traction on various surfaces.
  • Haro Flightline padded Saddle for enhanced comfort during extended rides.


The Haro Flightline One 26 stands as a testament to the perfect marriage of performance, versatility, and style. Built to cater to a wide spectrum of riders, from casual cruisers to those seeking more adventurous trails, this bicycle encapsulates the essence of modern cycling. With a carefully curated selection of features, the Flightline One 26 transforms every ride into an exciting journey, combining cutting-edge technology with classic design principles.

At the heart of the Haro Flightline One 26 is the FL One X6 Series alloy frame, a masterpiece of engineering that blends strength and sophistication. Crafted from premium alloy, this frame embodies a commitment to durability without compromising on weight. The X6 Series designation serves as a testament to Haro's dedication to crafting frames that excel in a variety of riding conditions. Whether you're gliding along urban streets or delving into challenging trails, the FL One X6 Series alloy frame acts as the canvas upon which every exhilarating adventure is painted.

Taking on diverse terrains requires a reliable suspension system, and the HL 80mm travel suspension fork rises to the occasion. With an impressive 80mm of travel, this suspension fork takes the sting out of rough surfaces, delivering a smoother and more comfortable ride. Whether you're navigating rocky paths or tackling uneven trails, the suspension fork ensures that you stay in control, no matter the obstacles that lie ahead.

The Flightline One 26 boasts a Shimano Tourney Drivetrain, a hallmark of dependable shifting and versatile performance. The Tourney Drivetrain's gear range strikes a perfect balance between casual riding and tackling steeper inclines. Regardless of whether you're ascending hills or cruising along flat surfaces, the Shimano Tourney Drivetrain ensures seamless gear transitions, making each pedal stroke efficient and smooth.

A dependable wheelset is essential for a bike's overall performance, and the Flightline One 26 doesn't disappoint with its 26” alloy wheelset. The alloy construction strikes an equilibrium between lightweight agility and robustness. This wheelset's compatibility with a variety of terrains makes it an ideal choice for riders who enjoy exploring different landscapes, from city streets to rugged trails and beyond.

Safety and control are paramount concerns, and the Flightline One 26 addresses these with its Promax V brakes. Known for their reliable stopping power, these brakes ensure consistent and controlled deceleration, whether you're navigating wet conditions or managing sudden stops. The Promax V brakes provide peace of mind, allowing you to ride confidently and securely, even when faced with unexpected situations.

The H-5120 26 x 2.25” Tires mounted on both the front and rear wheels are a standout feature that further elevate the bike's performance. These tires strike a harmonious balance between grip and speed, offering reliable traction on a variety of surfaces. Whether you're traversing loose dirt, gravel trails, or smooth roads, the H-5120 tires provide stability and confidence, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride regardless of your route.

Comfort is a pivotal consideration on any ride, and the Flightline One 26 addresses this with its Haro Flightline padded Saddle. Designed to provide support during longer rides and across diverse terrains, this saddle ensures that discomfort doesn't detract from your journey. The thoughtful padding and ergonomic shape of the saddle enhance comfort, making it suitable for extended rides and ensuring that you can fully immerse yourself in the joy of cycling.

In summation, the Haro Flightline One 26 represents the convergence of form and function, making it a prime choice for riders seeking a versatile and reliable companion. From its FL One X6 Series alloy frame to the HL 80mm travel suspension fork, Shimano Tourney Drivetrain, 26” alloy wheelset, Promax V brakes, H-5120 26 x 2.25” Tires, and Haro Flightline padded Saddle, each feature is carefully chosen to enhance the rider's experience. This bicycle transcends mere transportation; it serves as a conduit to exploration, adventure, and the joy of discovering new horizons.