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2023 Rocky Mountain Altitude Carbon Frame Red/Carbon LG

Frame + Shock

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$4,099.00 $2499

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2023 Rocky Mountain Altitude Carbon Frame Red/Carbon LG

Frame + Shock

39% Off

$4,099.00 $2499

In Stock - Free Shipping or Pickup in Store

Color: Red/Carbon
Size: LG

SN: RM23020

SMOOTHWALL carbon frame with RIDE-9 Adjustable Geometry

2 position axle

Fox Float X2 Factory, 160mm rear shock

Press Fit Bottom Bracket


The 2023 Rocky Mountain Altitude Carbon frameset is a high-performance platform that provides riders with the opportunity to build their dream all-mountain or enduro bike. With its advanced features and exceptional construction, this frameset offers a solid foundation for a versatile and capable mountain bike.

At the heart of the Altitude Carbon frameset is the SMOOTHWALL carbon frame. Constructed using Rocky Mountain's state-of-the-art carbon technology, the frame is designed to provide a perfect balance of strength, stiffness, and weight. The SMOOTHWALL process ensures that the carbon fibers are precisely placed and compacted, resulting in a frame that is both robust and lightweight. This frame delivers excellent power transfer, allowing riders to efficiently transfer their energy to the trail and maximize their performance. Additionally, the RIDE-9 Adjustable Geometry system allows riders to fine-tune the bike's geometry to suit their preferences and trail conditions. With nine different adjustment options, riders can customize their riding position, handling characteristics, and suspension performance to achieve the perfect setup.

The 2 position axle is another notable feature of the Altitude Carbon frameset. This axle system provides two different geometry settings: high and low. The high setting offers a steeper head tube angle and higher bottom bracket, which enhances the bike's climbing performance and maneuverability in tight and technical sections. On the other hand, the low setting slackens the head tube angle and lowers the bottom bracket, improving stability and control on fast descents and rough terrain. The ability to switch between these two positions allows riders to adapt the bike's geometry to match their riding style and the demands of the trail.

The Fox Float X2 Factory rear shock is a premium component that further enhances the performance of the Altitude Carbon frameset. With 160mm of plush rear suspension travel, this shock provides excellent small bump compliance and bottom-out resistance. It delivers a supple and controlled ride, absorbing big hits and maintaining traction on rough terrain. The advanced damping technology of the Float X2 Factory allows riders to fine-tune their suspension settings, ensuring optimal performance and comfort for a wide range of trail conditions.

The frameset also features a press-fit bottom bracket, which provides a secure and reliable interface between the crankset and the frame. This design improves pedaling efficiency by reducing flex and maximizing power transfer. The press-fit bottom bracket is known for its durability and ease of maintenance, making it a popular choice among riders who demand performance and reliability.

In summary, the 2023 Rocky Mountain Altitude Carbon frameset offers riders the opportunity to build a high-performance mountain bike tailored to their specific needs and preferences. With its SMOOTHWALL carbon frame, RIDE-9 Adjustable Geometry, 2 position axle, Fox Float X2 Factory rear shock, and press-fit bottom bracket, this frameset provides the foundation for a versatile and capable ride that can conquer a wide range of trail challenges.


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