Santa Cruz Bronson 4.1 R-Kit SRAM NX

MDGloss Chalk White

SN: SC23069

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Key Specs

  • C carbon frame
  • SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain
  • SRAM G2 R brakes
  • RockShox Lyrik Base, 160mm fork
  • FOX Float X Performance 230x60 shock, 150mm rear travel
  • VPP Suspension Platform
  • Internal cable routing
  • SRAM UDH (Universal Derailleur Hanger)
  • SDG Tellis Dropper, 31.6 dropper post
  • RaceFace AR Offset 30 MX Wheelset
  • SRAM MTH 746 hub
  • Maxxis Minion DHF II 29"x2.5”WT, 3C MaxxGrip, EXO, TR front tire
  • Maxxis Minion DHR II 27.5" x 2.4”, 3C MaxxTerra, EXO, TR rear tire
  • SRAM DUB, 68/73mm threaded bottom bracket


The Santa Cruz Bronson 4.1 R-kit is a high-performance mountain bike designed for trail and enduro riding. Its C carbon frame provides strength and durability while keeping the overall weight low. The bike is equipped with a reliable and efficient SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain, offering a wide range of gears to conquer various terrains and inclines. The SRAM G2 R brakes deliver powerful and precise stopping performance, ensuring rider safety during descents and technical sections.

For enhanced trail control and smoothness, the Bronson 4.1 R-kit is equipped with a RockShox Lyrik Base 160mm fork at the front, and a FOX Float X Performance 230x60 shock at the rear, providing 150mm of rear travel. This combination allows the bike to handle rough trails and absorb impacts effortlessly, providing the rider with a comfortable and controlled riding experience.

One of the standout features of the Santa Cruz Bronson 4.1 R-kit is its VPP Suspension Platform. This suspension system is known for its efficiency in pedaling while maintaining excellent traction on the trail. It strikes a balance between climbing efficiency and descending performance, making it an ideal choice for riders who want to tackle both uphill and downhill sections with ease.

The bike's internal cable routing not only contributes to its clean and sleek appearance but also ensures that the cables are protected from external elements, reducing maintenance needs and extending the lifespan of the components.

To add versatility to the bike, Santa Cruz has incorporated the SRAM UDH (Universal Derailleur Hanger). This hanger design allows for easy and quick rear derailleur adjustments, making it convenient for riders to fine-tune their drivetrain and get the most out of their riding experience.

The SDG Tellis Dropper with a 31.6 dropper post provides on-the-fly height adjustability, allowing the rider to quickly transition between climbing and descending positions, improving overall handling and control on technical terrain.

The RaceFace AR Offset 30 MX Wheelset paired with SRAM MTH 746 hubs provides a sturdy and dependable platform for the bike. The wheels are designed to withstand the rigors of trail riding while offering an optimal balance between strength, weight, and performance.

The tires on the Santa Cruz Bronson 4.1 R-kit play a crucial role in enhancing traction and grip on the trail. The Maxxis Minion DHF II 29"x2.5”WT with 3C MaxxGrip, EXO, TR front tire and the Maxxis Minion DHR II 27.5" x 2.4”, 3C MaxxTerra, EXO, TR rear tire provide excellent grip and control in various trail conditions, ensuring the rider can confidently tackle corners and technical sections.

The SRAM DUB, 68/73mm threaded bottom bracket ensures smooth and efficient power transfer from the rider's pedaling efforts to the drivetrain. This bottom bracket design is known for its durability and easy maintenance.

In summary, the Santa Cruz Bronson 4.1 R-kit is a top-notch trail and enduro mountain bike equipped with high-quality components and advanced features. Its C carbon frame, SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain, RockShox Lyrik Base fork, FOX Float X Performance shock, VPP Suspension Platform, and internal cable routing make it a formidable choice for riders seeking a versatile and high-performance mountain biking experience.