Santa Cruz Heckler SL GX AXS T-Type SRAM GX AXS Transmission

MDMatte Silver

SN: SC23104

MSRP $9,699.00

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Key Specs

  • C carbon frame
  • Fazua Ride60 Motor
  • Fazua 430Wh Integrated Battery
  • SRAM GX AXS Transmission
  • SRAM Code Bronze Stealth
  • SRAM HS2 200mm rotors
  • RockShox Lyrik Select+, 160mm travel
  • RockShox Super Deluxe Select+, 210x55 rear shock
  • VPP Suspension Platform
  • Internal cable routing
  • SRAM UDH (Universal Derailleur Hanger)
  • OneUp V2 Dropper Post, 31.6
  • Reserve 30|SL AL 6069 29"/27.5", DT Swis 370 hubs wheelset
  • Maxxis Minion DHF 29"x2.5"WT, 3C MaxxGrip, EXO front tire
  • Maxxis Minion DHR II 27.5"x2.4", 3C MaxxTerra, EXO+ rear tire
  • Cane Creek 40 IS Integrated Headset


The Santa Cruz Heckler SL GX AXS T-Type is an epitome of modern mountain biking technology. Every inch of it screams innovation, with a sole purpose: to deliver an unparalleled riding experience for adventurers and trail enthusiasts. This bike isn't just a mode of transport; it's an extension of the rider's will, channeling their energy seamlessly across every type of terrain.

Beginning with the core, the C carbon frame sets a solid foundation for the Heckler SL GX AXS T-Type. Carbon, known for its lightweight properties and impressive strength, ensures that this frame can endure the most challenging terrains while still providing nimbleness and agility. Its construction ensures that riders can tackle sharp corners, steep inclines, and rapid descents with the confidence that the bike will hold its own, making the ride smoother and more enjoyable.

Next up is the powerhouse that differentiates this mountain bike from traditional counterparts – the Fazua Ride60 Motor. This motor isn't just a power source; it's a game-changer. Whether you're climbing a relentless incline or breezing through the forest trail, the Ride60 gives you that added boost to make the journey less grueling and more exhilarating. Its pairing with the Fazua 430Wh Integrated Battery ensures riders get a sustained, reliable power source for longer rides. The integration is so smooth that one would hardly notice it's an e-bike at first glance, preserving the bike's sleek aesthetics.

Transitions and shifts form a crucial aspect of mountain biking, and the SRAM GX AXS Transmission is up to the task. With its wireless electronic shifting, riders are guaranteed precise, fast, and reliable gear changes. This ensures optimal power transfer and efficiency in every pedal stroke, whether you're speeding downhill or facing a challenging ascent.

Safety and control are paramount in mountain biking. The SRAM Code Bronze Stealth brake system offers a braking experience that's consistent and powerful. Matched with the SRAM HS2 200mm rotors, riders can expect impeccable stopping power. Whether you're navigating through a tricky section or coming to a sudden halt, these brakes ensure responsive and dependable performance.

The suspension system of the Heckler SL GX AXS T-Type stands out, not just because of the brand behind it, but due to its sheer efficiency. The RockShox Lyrik Select+, offering a generous 160mm of travel, ensures the front end of the bike remains responsive and absorbs the shocks and bumps of uneven trails. At the rear, the RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ with its 210x55 specification ensures stability and adaptability, balancing out the ride and enhancing overall trail feedback.

The Virtual Pivot Point (VPP) Suspension Platform is another feather in its cap. It guarantees that the bike remains agile and responsive. It's a system that ensures optimal suspension behavior throughout the ride, providing a balance between pedaling efficiency and bump absorption.

Aesthetic appeal and functionality merge beautifully with the internal cable routing. This design not only gives the bike a sleek look but also protects the cables from potential external damages, ensuring longevity and reduced maintenance.

Adaptability is crucial, and with the SRAM UDH (Universal Derailleur Hanger), riders are assured of easy replacements, facilitating uninterrupted rides across different geographies.

On-the-go adjustments are facilitated by the OneUp V2 Dropper Post, sized at 31.6. This feature allows riders to quickly change their seating position, adapting to the demands of the trail, be it aggressive downhill sections or efficient climbing stances.

Wheelsets play a pivotal role in dictating ride quality, and the Reserve 30|SL AL 6069 29"/27.5" combined with DT Swiss 370 hubs is a testament to stability, durability, and performance. These wheels promise an unmatched balance of grip and responsiveness, ensuring the bike remains grounded when needed and agile when demanded.

Tire choice can make or break a ride, and Santa Cruz has left no stone unturned. The front Maxxis Minion DHF 29"x2.5"WT is engineered with 3C MaxxGrip and EXO, ensuring exceptional traction and durability. The rear counterpart, the Maxxis Minion DHR II 27.5"x2.4", designed with 3C MaxxTerra and EXO+, promises optimal grip and balance, ensuring every trail feels like home.

Lastly, steering precision is guaranteed by the Cane Creek 40 IS Integrated Headset. This component ensures that every turn, twist, and maneuver is executed with precision, allowing riders to navigate with confidence and style.

In essence, the Santa Cruz Heckler SL GX AXS T-Type is a harmonious blend of innovation, design, and performance. Every component, from its carbon frame down to its headset, has been selected with a singular focus: to redefine mountain biking. It promises not just a ride but an experience, where every trail becomes a canvas and every ride, a masterpiece.