2022 Yeti 160e C1 Shimano SLX


SN: Y22205

MSRP $10,100.00

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Sale Price$7,600

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  • DT Swiss EXC 1501 carbon wheels (+$1100)
  • Fox Factory suspension (+$700)

Key Specs

  • TURQ series carbon frame
  • Shimano SLX drivetrain
  • Fox Performance 38 170mm fork
  • Fox Performance Float X shock, 160mm rear travel
  • DT Swiss H1900 30mm wheelset
  • SRAM Code R brakes
  • Maxxis Assegai 2.5 EXO+ front tire
  • Maxxis Minion DHR II 2.4 DD rear tire
  • Yeti Carbon Handlebar
  • Shimano EP800 motor
  • Shimano 630 Wh battery


The 2022 Yeti 160e C1 is an exceptional electric mountain bike that combines advanced technology, high-quality components, and cutting-edge design to deliver an exhilarating and capable riding experience. With its TURQ series carbon frame, Shimano SLX drivetrain, Fox Performance suspension, and a range of other impressive features, this bike is built to conquer challenging terrain with ease.

At the core of the 2022 Yeti 160e C1 is its TURQ series carbon frame. Yeti has utilized their expertise in carbon fiber construction to create a frame that strikes a perfect balance between strength, stiffness, and weight. The TURQ series carbon frame not only enhances the bike's overall performance but also provides excellent durability and responsiveness on the trails. Its optimized geometry ensures stability and control, allowing riders to tackle steep descents and technical sections with confidence.

The Shimano SLX drivetrain is known for its reliability, precision, and smooth shifting performance. The SLX drivetrain on the 160e C1 ensures seamless gear changes and efficient power transfer, allowing riders to maintain momentum on any terrain. With a wide range of gears, this drivetrain provides versatility for both climbing and descending, enabling riders to conquer any trail with ease.

The 160e C1 features a Fox Performance 38 fork and a Fox Performance Float X shock, offering top-tier suspension performance. The Fox Performance 38 fork provides precise handling, exceptional stiffness, and superior damping characteristics, ensuring control and confidence in demanding trail conditions. Complementing the fork, the Fox Performance Float X shock delivers excellent small bump compliance and adjustable damping, allowing riders to fine-tune their suspension settings for a personalized and optimized ride experience.

Equipped with DT Swiss H1900 30mm rims, the 160e C1 delivers a solid and reliable platform for tackling rough terrain. These sturdy rims are designed to withstand aggressive riding, providing enhanced strength and durability. Paired with the rims are the Maxxis Assegai 2.5 EXO+ front tire and Maxxis Minion DHR II 2.4 DD rear tire, which offer exceptional grip and traction in a wide range of trail conditions. These high-quality tires enhance cornering capabilities and inspire confidence in challenging terrain.

The SRAM Code R brakes provide reliable and powerful stopping performance. These hydraulic disc brakes offer consistent and controlled braking power, allowing riders to navigate steep descents and technical sections with confidence. With excellent modulation and heat management, the Code R brakes provide reliable and precise braking performance, ensuring safety on the trails.

The Yeti Carbon Handlebar further enhances the riding experience on the 160e C1. Constructed from carbon fiber, this handlebar provides a balance of strength, stiffness, and lightweight characteristics. The Carbon Handlebar offers responsive steering control and precise handling, enabling riders to navigate tight corners and technical sections with confidence and precision.

Powering the 160e C1 is a Shimano EP800 motor, which delivers seamless pedal assistance. The EP800 motor provides powerful and efficient assistance, allowing riders to conquer challenging climbs with ease. Paired with a Shimano 630 Whr battery, the bike offers ample range for extended rides, ensuring riders can explore new trails without worrying about running out of battery power.

In addition to its impressive standard features, the 160e C1 offers two notable upgrades. The DT Swiss EXC 1501 carbon wheels upgrade provides even higher performance, with enhanced acceleration, responsiveness, and overall strength. These lightweight carbon wheels reduce rotational weight and enhance the bike's handling characteristics, giving riders an edge on the trails. The Fox Factory suspension upgrade offers further refinement, providing enhanced damping, increased adjustability, and improved overall suspension performance. Riders can fine-tune their suspension settings to match their preferences and maximize the bike's capabilities.

In summary, the 2022 Yeti 160e C1 is a high-performance electric mountain bike that excels in conquering challenging trails. With its advanced carbon frame, reliable drivetrain, top-tier suspension components, and powerful brakes, this bike offers riders the confidence to tackle any terrain. Whether climbing steep ascents or descending technical trails, the 160e C1 delivers a thrilling and capable riding experience.