2022 Yeti SB115 C1.5 Shimano XT + Factory Suspension


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Key Specs

  • C series carbon frame
  • Shimano XT drivetrain
  • Shimano XT 4-piston brakes
  • Fox Factory Fit4 130mm fork
  • Fox Factory DPS shock with mm rear travel
  • Fox Performance Elite Transfer dropper post
  • DT Swiss M 30mm or DT Swiss E532 30mm wheelset
  • Maxxis Minion DHF 5 Exo front tire
  • Maxxis Aggressor 3 Exo rear tire
  • Cane Creek integrated headset


The 2022 Yeti SB115 C1.5 stands as a unique offering born out of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 era supply chain issues. Yeti, in response to supply constraints, has ingeniously assembled this variant of the SB115 with components not originally part of the lineup. Despite its unconventional origins, the SB115 C1.5 retains the exceptional qualities that make Yeti bikes revered on the trails. Built around the C series carbon frame, this bike combines strength, responsiveness, and lightweight design to create a platform that excels in all aspects of trail riding.

The Shimano XT drivetrain featured on the SB115 C1.5 is a standout component, known for its smooth and reliable performance. The XT groupset provides precise and crisp shifting, ensuring seamless transitions between gears even in challenging conditions. With its wide gear range, the XT drivetrain allows riders to conquer steep climbs with ease while maintaining high speeds on descents. The reliability and durability of the Shimano XT drivetrain make it a trusted choice for riders seeking optimal performance.

The Shimano XT 4-piston brakes on the SB115 C1.5 offer exceptional stopping power and control. These hydraulic disc brakes deliver reliable and consistent braking performance, instilling confidence in riders as they navigate technical descents and challenging terrain. With their four-piston design, the XT brakes provide ample modulation, allowing riders to precisely control their speed and confidently tackle steep sections of the trail. The Shimano XT brakes are renowned for their reliability and performance, ensuring riders can push their limits with peace of mind.

The front suspension of the SB115 C1.5 is equipped with the Fox Factory 34 Fit4 130mm fork, which represents the pinnacle of trail performance. This high-end fork features the FIT4 damper, offering three distinct compression settings (open, medium, and firm) for precise control and tuning. With its 130mm of plush travel, the Fox Factory 34 fork smoothens out rough trails, absorbing impacts and maintaining traction to ensure a controlled and confidence-inspiring ride. The adjustability of the fork allows riders to fine-tune their suspension setup to match the specific demands of their riding style and trail conditions.

At the rear, the SB115 C1.5 is complemented by the Fox Factory DPS shock, providing 115mm of responsive rear travel. The Fox Factory DPS shock enhances the bike's ability to absorb bumps and maintain traction, delivering a smooth and controlled ride over varying terrain. With its advanced damping technology, the shock provides excellent support and stability, allowing riders to confidently tackle technical descents and navigate through rough sections of the trail. The Fox Factory DPS shock ensures riders maintain control and composure, even in the most demanding riding situations.

The Fox Performance Elite Transfer dropper post on the SB115 C1.5 further enhances its versatility and adaptability on the trail. The dropper post allows riders to quickly and easily adjust their saddle height on the fly, optimizing their riding position for efficient climbing and confident descending. The Transfer dropper post promotes maneuverability and control, enabling riders to navigate technical sections with ease and maintain optimal riding position for maximum efficiency and comfort.

Rolling on either the DT Swiss M1900 30mm or DT Swiss E532 30mm wheelset, the SB115 C1.5 delivers a perfect balance of strength, reliability, and performance. These wheelsets provide a solid and dependable platform for conquering any trail. The 30mm internal width accommodates wider tires, offering enhanced grip and stability. The DT Swiss wheelsets are designed to withstand the demands of aggressive trail riding while providing a responsive and lively ride quality, ensuring riders can confidently push their limits.

The front tire of choice for the SB115 C1.5 is the Maxxis Minion DHF 2.5 Exo, known for its exceptional traction and durability. Its aggressive tread pattern provides reliable cornering grip and precise braking performance, instilling confidence in riders as they navigate technical sections. The Minion DHF sets the standard for confident control and stability, allowing riders to tackle technical trails with conviction. The rear tire, the Maxxis Aggressor 2.3 Exo, strikes a balance between low rolling resistance and ample grip, ensuring efficient power transfer while maintaining predictable traction and control on various terrains.

The SB115 C1.5 features a Cane Creek 40 integrated headset, which ensures smooth and precise steering. The integrated headset reduces vibrations, providing a stable and connected feel on the trails, enabling riders to maintain control and confidence as they navigate through challenging sections.