2024 Yeti SB140 29 T2 TLR X01 Turquoise SM

Turq Lunch Ride + SRAM X01 Eagle

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$7,700.00 $6160

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2024 Yeti SB140 29 T2 TLR X01 Turquoise SM

Turq Lunch Ride + SRAM X01 Eagle

20% Off

$7,700.00 $6160

In Stock - Free Shipping or Pickup in Store

Color: Turquoise
Size: SM

SN: Y23077

TURQ series carbon frame

SRAM X01 Eagle drivetrain

SRAM Code RSC brakes

Fox Factory 36 Grip2 160mm fork

Fox Factory Float X shock with 140mm rear travel

Fox Performance Elite Transfer dropper post

DT Swiss 1700 or Raceface ARC 30 wheelset

Maxxis Minion DHF 2.5 Exo front tire

Maxxis Minion DHR II 2.4 Exo rear tire

Cane Creek integrated headset

SRAM Dub BSA 73 threaded bottom bracket


The 2024 Yeti SB140 T2 LR is a high-performance mountain bike that's engineered to provide riders with the ultimate experience on the trails. Yeti, a brand with a strong reputation for producing top-tier mountain bikes, has consistently pushed the envelope in terms of design and innovation. The SB140 T2 LR embodies this commitment, boasting an array of features that make it a standout choice for riders seeking adventure across a variety of terrains.

At the heart of this bike is the TURQ series carbon frame, representing Yeti's unwavering dedication to engineering excellence. Carbon frames are well-known for their lightweight performance and exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, and the TURQ series frame is a prime example of this. The frame ensures that the SB140 remains agile and responsive while being robust enough to withstand the challenges of off-road exploration.

One of the standout features of the SB140 T2 LR is its SRAM X01 Eagle drivetrain. This 12-speed system provides riders with a wide range of gearing options, allowing them to tackle various terrains and conditions with ease. Whether you're climbing steep inclines or descending technical descents, the X01 Eagle drivetrain delivers precise and reliable shifting. Known for its smooth gear transitions and exceptional durability, it enhances the overall riding experience.

For braking, the bike is equipped with SRAM Code RSC brakes, a top-of-the-line choice for high-performance mountain bikes. These hydraulic disc brakes deliver remarkable stopping power, ensuring that you have full control over your speed even in the most demanding scenarios. The Code RSC brakes are designed for modulation, allowing you to fine-tune your braking force, providing additional confidence when navigating tight corners and technical descents.

The front suspension is managed by a Fox Factory 36 Grip2 fork, offering an impressive 160mm of travel. This fork is highly efficient at absorbing impacts and smoothing out rough terrain, enhancing the bike's comfort and control. It ensures that you can confidently tackle obstacles and challenging sections, maintaining composure and ease on the trail.

In the rear, the SB140 T2 LR features a Fox Factory Float X shock, which provides 140mm of rear travel. The combination of front and rear suspension components is carefully tuned to create a balanced and efficient suspension system, allowing riders to explore challenging terrain with stability and control.

A crucial feature for riders seeking versatility and on-the-fly adjustments is the Fox Performance Elite Transfer dropper post. With a simple press of a lever, the saddle height can be quickly adjusted, a game-changer when transitioning between climbs and descents. This dropper post allows for optimal riding position and control, enhancing the overall riding experience.

The choice of wheelset for this bike is the Raceface ARC 30, a component designed for durability and performance. These wheels are engineered to handle the demands of aggressive riding while providing a smooth and efficient roll. Wheelsets play a pivotal role in a bike's handling, and the Raceface ARC 30 wheels contribute to the SB140's agility and responsiveness.

Tires are a critical component of a bike's performance, and the Maxxis Minion DHF 2.5 Exo front tire and Maxxis Minion DHR II 2.4 Exo rear tire offer an outstanding combination of grip and durability. The Minion DHF is renowned for its exceptional traction, ensuring that you have confidence and control in challenging trail conditions. The Minion DHR II is chosen for its excellent braking and cornering capabilities, making it an ideal rear tire to complement the front tire's grip.

The integrated headset of the SB140 T2 LR is provided by Cane Creek, ensuring precise and controlled steering. A well-maintained headset is vital for confidently navigating trails, and this component is built to withstand the challenges of off-road riding.

The SRAM Dub BSA 73 threaded bottom bracket simplifies maintenance and servicing, making it easier for riders to keep the bike in excellent working condition. A threaded bottom bracket is known for its reliability and ease of installation, ensuring that the SB140 T2 LR remains a dependable companion for countless trail adventures.

In summary, the 2024 Yeti SB140 T2 LR is a mountain bike that represents the pinnacle of performance and versatility. With its TURQ series carbon frame, SRAM X01 Eagle drivetrain, SRAM Code RSC brakes, Fox Factory suspension, Fox Performance Elite Transfer dropper post, Raceface wheelset, Maxxis tires, Cane Creek headset, and SRAM Dub bottom bracket, it offers an exceptional combination of features and components for conquering a wide range of trail conditions.