2022 De Rosa Merak Disc SRAM Red eTap SRAM Red eTap + Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon CMPTZN DB Wheels


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Key Specs

  • De Rosa Road carbon frame
  • Sram Red eTap drivetrain
  • De Rosa road carbon fork
  • Fulcrum Speed CMPTZN DB Carbon Tubeless wheelset
  • Sram Red Disc brakes
  • Vittoria Rubino Pro 700x25-28 front tire
  • Vittoria Rubino Pro 700x25-28 rear tire
  • Selle Italia SLR Boost Carbon saddle


The 2022 De Rosa Merak Disc is an exceptional road bike that combines exquisite craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and top-of-the-line components to deliver an extraordinary riding experience. The bike features a De Rosa Road carbon frame, meticulously engineered to provide the perfect balance of stiffness, responsiveness, and lightness. This frame is designed to optimize power transfer, ensuring that every pedal stroke propels you forward with efficiency. The De Rosa Merak Disc frame offers superb handling and stability, allowing you to navigate corners with confidence and enjoy a smooth and controlled ride.

Equipped with a Sram Red eTap drivetrain, the 2022 De Rosa Merak Disc delivers precise and smooth shifting performance. The wireless electronic shifting system provides lightning-fast and accurate gear changes with just a touch of a button. The Sram Red eTap drivetrain offers a wide range of gears, allowing you to conquer steep climbs and maintain speed on flat sections. This drivetrain is renowned for its reliability, lightweight design, and exceptional performance, making it a top choice for professional cyclists and enthusiasts alike.

The De Rosa Merak Disc features a De Rosa road carbon fork, which complements the frame's design and enhances the bike's overall performance. The carbon construction of the fork provides excellent vibration damping properties, reducing road chatter and enhancing comfort during long rides. The fork's design ensures precise and responsive steering, allowing for confident handling and control on various road surfaces. With the De Rosa road carbon fork, you can enjoy a smooth and stable ride, even on rough roads.

The Fulcrum Speed CMPTZN DB Carbon Tubeless wheelset is designed to deliver outstanding performance and aerodynamics. These lightweight and robust wheels offer excellent strength and durability, ensuring reliability during intense rides and races. The tubeless-ready design allows for lower tire pressures, providing improved traction, comfort, and reduced rolling resistance. The Fulcrum Speed CMPTZN DB Carbon Tubeless wheels excel in both acceleration and maintaining speed, making them ideal for road cycling.

To ensure reliable and powerful stopping power, the 2022 De Rosa Merak Disc is equipped with Sram Red Disc brakes. These hydraulic disc brakes offer consistent and controlled braking performance in all weather conditions. Whether you're riding in wet or dry conditions, the Sram Red Disc brakes provide excellent modulation and stopping power, allowing you to confidently navigate descents and corners. With these brakes, you can have precise control over your speed, ensuring safety and confidence on the road.

The Vittoria Rubino Pro tires, measuring 700x25-28, are the perfect choice for the 2022 De Rosa Merak Disc. These high-performance tires offer a perfect balance between grip, rolling resistance, and durability. The Vittoria Rubino Pro tires feature a versatile tread pattern that excels in various road conditions, providing excellent traction and cornering stability. With their wider profile, they offer enhanced comfort and improved puncture resistance, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and reliable ride on your De Rosa Merak Disc.

For maximum comfort during long rides, the 2022 De Rosa Merak Disc is equipped with the Selle Italia SLR Boost Carbon saddle. This saddle combines a lightweight carbon shell with ergonomic shaping and padding, offering optimal support and comfort for your sit bones. The SLR Boost Carbon saddle is designed to reduce pressure points and enhance blood flow, allowing you to ride for extended periods without discomfort. Its sleek and minimalist design ensures efficient power transfer while maintaining a high level of comfort.

In summary, the 2022 De Rosa Merak Disc is a top-tier road bike that excels in performance, craftsmanship, and comfort. With its De Rosa Road carbon frame, Sram Red eTap drivetrain, De Rosa road carbon fork, Fulcrum Speed CMPTZN DB Carbon Tubeless wheelset,Sram Red Disc brakes, Vittoria Rubino Pro 700x25-28 tires, and Selle Italia SLR Boost Carbon saddle, this bike is designed to deliver an exceptional road cycling experience.