OneUp Components is 10 years old! The brand has brought quality, innovation, and unwavering commitment to the mountain bike world. Making the best dropper posts, pedals, handlebars, and more to elevate your cycling experience. Here are 10 of the best OneUp products to mark its time in the industry.

V2 Dropper Post

Current Price: $229.50

Every cyclist needs the V2 – the shortest and longest travel dropper in the world. With each size, you can decrease the travel by 10mm or size is shimmable shimmable 10mm or 20mm. In 30.9mm, 31.6mm, and 34.9mm seat post diameters. A dropper lets you raise or lower your bike seat to meet trail conditions.

V3 Dropper Remote

Current Price: $45.00

Upgrade any cable-operated mechanical dropper with the V3 remote. It’s a lighter and more affordable version of the V2 that requires less force to use. You can go remote-only and reuse your V2 clamp. Plus, the lever cushions can be color-matched to your bike.

Carbon Handlebar

Current Price: $159.50

The carbon handlebar stands out with the patent-pending . It lessens arm pump and on your hands and more steering response. There’s a version for regular bikes in 20mm and 35mm rise. And one for e-bikes with control points in just 35mm rise. Or there’s an aluminum bar for $89.50.

Handlebar Grips

Current Price: $24.50

Go with thin, regular, or thick grips in 29mm, 30mm, and 32.5mm-35mm diameters. They’re compatible with any 22mm diameter handlebars. Features like diagonal thumb ribs and durable grip ends keep your hands comfortable on long hauls.

Composite Pedals

Current Price: $49.50

These are OneUp’s lightest full-size pedals. Made with a slightly convex shape fits with the arch of your foot for minimal pedal strikes. With hexagonal pins to keep your feet in place at all times. The set comes in seven colors to exactly match your bike.

Chain Guide


The OneUp Chain Guide reduces the risk of chain drops, ensuring a smoother and more reliable mountain biking experience.


Current Price: $89.50

Swap out your old stem with this light, sleek, and durable aluminum stem. It’s available in 35mm, 42mm, and 50mm lengths for almost any riding discipline. Including trail, enduro, and freeride. For downhill riding, get the Direct Mount Stem for $99.50.

EDC Lite Tool

Current Price: $44.00

Everyone needs a multi-tool for on-the-go bike repairs. This one has seven hex wrenches, a T25 torx, and a flat head screwdriver. It fits right in your stem or steerer tube, compatible with most forks! Also offered in seven colors to blend in with your bike.

EDC Gear Tension Straps

Current Price: $17.50

Use these 14″ straps to fasten a spare tube or other small items to your frame. They’ll be right on hand when you need them. Stretch polyurethane material repels water and doesn’t scratch your ride.

Decal Kit

Current Price: $6.50

Show off your love for OneUp with over a dozen decals. With different versions of the brand’s logo and the slogan “Work Less Ride More.” Offered in 12 colors, from Oil Slick to the famous Yeti Turquoise. You can put them on your bike, helmet, water bottle, and more!

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