Online Mountain Bike Rentals in Scottsdale

We offer a large range of mountain bike rentals in Scottsdale, AZ. To get started, select your date range below. The bikes available will populate below. Add bikes to the cart, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

Ride Before You Buy Demo Program

We have many of our most popular sellers available for rental/demo. Money spent on demos can be applied towards the purchase of a single bike, up to 20% of the purchase price of the bike. Rental/demo credit for purchases must be applied within 60 days of rental/demo period.

Rental/Demo Rates

  • $90 for 4 Hours
  • $125 per day
  • $100 per day after first two days

We do not currently offer rentals for other types of bikes including ebikes, road bikes, or gravel bikes. Rental bikes may not be taken out of the state of Arizona. Rental bikes may not be used in races, events, or any organized ride or endurance events. Rental bikes may not be taken to bike parks, including but not limited to Sunrise Ski Park.

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You may use your own helmets, purchase a new helmet, or rent one of ours. Use of a helmet is required when using one of our rental bikes

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