Shopping for a cyclist is equally exciting and overwhelming. There are tons of things you can buy them. From practical riding gear to personalized accessories. You want to choose something thoughtful and practical that will enhance their travel experience. Here are 20 items that fit the bill. You can buy them from different brands in different price ranges. Happy shopping!

1. Customized Bike Jersey

Design a custom jersey with their favorite colors and graphics. You can include their last name and/or lucky number, or a personalized message that shows how much you care about them. Material is important, too. It has to be breathable and form-fitting for comfort and safety.

2. Cycling Eyewear

Sunglasses or goggles will protect their eyes from the sun and the elements. Ask them what type of eyewear they prefer, or buy based on their riding style. Make sure they’re lightweight with special features like UV protection and anti-fog coating.

3. High-Quality Bike Lock

They’ll use this to lock up their ride on the road or trail. Get one that’s durable and long-lasting, but also easy to use. So they’ll have peace of mind when they get to work, stop for coffee, or explore on foot. Different types are combination locks, cable locks, chain locks, and U-locks.

4. Dropper Seatpost

A dropper lets you raise or lower your saddle on the fly. Without having to slow down or get off your bike. Then you can adapt to changing terrain. This is an incredibly affordable and effective upgrade that every cyclist needs.

5. Travel Bike Repair Kit

Prepare them for on-the-go bike repairs with a compact tool kit. It should include a multi-tool, tire lever, and chain breaker. As well as screwdrivers and wrenches for any necessary fixes and adjustments. All kept in a box or case that will fit in their gear bag.

6. Bike Repair Stand

This puts their bike in a comfortable working height for easy adjustments and repairs. You can get a stand that’s light and collapsible to take on the go. Or one that’s strong and sturdy to use in a home garage or workshop.

7. Bike Cleaning Kit

Get a complete kit with high-quality brushes, degreasers, and lubricants. They can clean their bike regularly, or after an especially muddy or dirty ride. So it will stay in top shape for years to come.

8. Durable Bike Cover

A weather-resistant cover blocks out the elements and protects from damage indoors and outside. Parts will last longer, which means fewer fixes and repairs. And the bike will stay clean between rides.

9. Fitness Tracker

Help them track their health and performance when they ride. So they can make any wanted changes or improvements. You can go with a basic tracker or one with more advanced features, like heart-rate monitoring and GPS.

10. Compression Gear

Every rider needs compression gear to relieve sore muscles and improve recovery time. Especially after really long or intense rides. There are different options, from compression sleeves to recovery boots.

11. GoPro or Camera

Let them capture all of their adventures with a GoPro or another type of action camera. Then they can relive their most fun moments, see where they need to improve their skills, and share their journeys with others.

12. Phone Mount

This allows them to attach their phone to their bike to listen to use maps or listen to music. Find one that’s universal or for their specific device. It also has to be durable and weather-resistant.

13. Trail Snack Pack

Put together an assortment of snacks, energy bars, and hydration supplements to keep them fueled on their rides. Obviously they have to be ones they like. Only dry goods that have a longer shelf life.

14. Bike Park Pass

A pass grants them access to a specific bike park or trail system. You can also give them a voucher for a guided mountain bike tour. Either gifts allows them to explore new trails for brand new adventures.

15. Custom Map Art

Get a custom map of their favorite bike route, or a connection of trails that they frequent. You want it to be unique and visually appealing. They’ll put it up in their home or workshop to admire every day.

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