Cycling gloves are a must for riding a bike. They’re tailored to the many unique demands of the roads and trails. Offering comfort, support and protection on your travels. Here are the top five reasons to wear them.

1. Improve Your Grip

Most cycling gloves have padding and textured, grippy material. They help you grip your handlebars and shift gears. Especially in wet or sweaty conditions.

2. Absorb Shocks

The padding can soak up shocks, hit and vibrations from rough trails. Lessening pain, discomfort and fatigue in your hands on long rides.

3. Regulate Temperature

Pairs with insulation and thermal material trap heat to warm your hands on cold days. Breathable, sweat-wicking material keeps them cool and dry when it’s hot.

4. Protect Your Skin

Gloves will shield your skin from dirt, debris, abrasions and minor injuries. They can prevent blisters and callouses, too. Some pairs even have UV protect to block out sun rays.

5. Added Comfort

Ergonomic designs reduce pressure points and friction between your hands and the handlebars. Adjustable closures and cuffs ensure they properly fit your hands.

POC Sports Orange Cycling Gloves

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