Biking is already a very enjoyable activity. But there are ways to make it more fun.

1. Don’t worry about your skill level.

It’s easy to get hung up on your fitness level or skillset. And even easier to compare yourself to other riders. Instead, be proud of what you’ve accomplished and how much you enjoy cycling. You’re getting out of the house, enjoying the outdoors, and staying active. If you focus on the good, you might rediscover your passion. Then it feels new again.

2. Train towards a goal.

Work your way up to a difficult trail or sign up for a race. That’ll encourage you to ride more and better your skills. And you’ll love the feeling you get when you accomplish your goal. Just be sure to train within your body’s capacity to cope.

3. Ride somewhere new.

You’ll grow tired of the same terrain once you’ve ridden it enough. Use guidebooks and apps to find new trails. They can be near your house or a short ride away. If you have a car big enough to transport your bike or a bike rack, even better. Then the possibilities are endless.

4. Ride with friends.

Everything’s better with good company. Your friends and family might ride often and you don’t know about it. They might need some encouragement to haul their bikes out of the shed. Or, they want to get into cycling, and just need an extra push. No matter what, it’s great for everyone involved.

5. Upgrade your bike.

If your bike is too old and small for you, buy something new. Or, just upgrade a few parts to rev it up again. Like the saddle, drivetrain, handlebar, pedals, brakes, wheels, and tires. Do your own research to find out where to spend and save. Or consult a local bike shop.

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