A singletrack is the most common type of mountain bike trail. It’s the width of your bike and fits one rider at a time. Unlike doubletracks or fire roads, which are big enough for at least two riders. They’re big enough for at least two riders in a row. Learn all about navigating singletracks here.

Best Bike Features for Singletracks

There’s no such thing as a singletrack bike. Any mountain bike works for these trails. You just need a sturdy frame with a good front suspension, or full suspension. Along with knobby tires for proper traction and grip. And a wide range of gears to handle jumps, drops, and technical sections. You should also opt for agressive geometry, hydraulic disc brakes, and dropper posts.

Top Tips for Riding Singletracks

1. Wear the Right Gear – Mountain biking requires proper clothing and safety gear. Form-fitting and sweat-wicking shirts and pants make you more aerodynamic and efficient. While a helmet and body armor protect you in a crash.

2. Stay Centered on Your Bike – Balance your weight between the front and rear wheels. Bend your elbows, knees and hips to lower your center of gravity and be stable.

3. Lean Into Turns – Sit upright and let your bike lean into the corners and turns. Drop your inside arm and keep your outside arm up. Don’t turn or move your hips or waist, just keep it forward.

4. Keep Your Momentum – Compress your body on the downhills and extend it upward on the uphills. Then you can maintain your speed and avoid burnout.

5. Always Look Ahead – You need to prepare for sudden turns, drops and obstacles. So you can avoid losing your balance and control over your ride.

6. Follow Trail Etiquette – Stay on the trail at all times. Be respectful to other people and nature. Make room for passing riders and hikers, and don’t crowd or overtake anyone.

Climbing Uphill on a Yeti Bike

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