There’s nothing worse than getting a flat tire on your bike. It’s usually an easy fix, but it still kills your mood and sometimes ends your ride. Punctures are just part of being a cyclist, and they’ll happen to you at some point. Thankfully, there are easy ways to avoid them.

Common Causes of a Flat

There are a number of reasons your tire can go flat, including:

-Puncture from Sharp Object
-Damaged or Failed Valve Stem
-Tire or Tube Quality or Wear
-Rubbed or Ripped Tire
-Over-Pumped Tire
-Slow Air Leaks
-Road Hazards

How to Avoid a Flat

1. Choose the right tires. Fast and light tires are more fun, but also more malleable than ones with thick walls. If you’re not focused on racing and durability, you can use a thicker set. If you’re not focused on racing and durability, go with a thicker set of tires. For training and sport, get a set with a combination of speed, weight, grip, and puncture protection.

2. Inflate them to the full spec. You need to have the right tire pressure to avoid flats. They happen when the inner tube is pressed hard against the rim of the wheel. That’s usually under a sudden impact, like hitting a pothole, rock or curb. Make sure both tires are properly inflated before each ride.

3. Check them regularly. Make sure there’s nothing lodged in the tires. It might not have cut through yet, but it could happen the next time you ride. Do this immediately after a ride or just before the next one. If you have to remove something and there’s a hole down to the canvas, change the tire immediately.

4. Buy puncture-resistant tires. They have extra protection to avoid punctures and holes.

5. Buy tubeless tires. They’re more resistant to punctures. No inner tube means no pinch flats. Also, the sealant will work to block small holes before you lose a lot of air.

6. Avoid gutters. They usually have a lot of rocks, glass, and other harsh materials. Dodge them at all times – especially if they’re filled with water.

7. Take light hits. If you can’t avoid a hazard, hit it lightly. Release your grip on the handlebars as much as you can and try to glide over it. You can also try bunny-hopping over potholes.

8. Always look ahead. Keep an eye out for potholes, broken glass, and other hazards. If you know they’re coming, you can move out of the way.

Bike Service in Scottsdale, AZ

If you need help fixing a flat bike tire, come see us here at Airpark Bike Co in Scottsdale, AZ. Our team can repair or replace it in no time to get you back the trails. We can handle almost any bike maintenance, and give you tips for servicing your ride at home. Need a brand new bike? Browse through our selection of mountain, gravel, and road models on our website, or in person at out shop. We look forward to seeing you!