Arizona is the sixth hottest state in the country. The heat is no joke, especially here in The Valley. If you’re a cyclist, you don’t have give up your favorite activity because of the weather. You just have to time your rides, stay hydrated, take plenty of breaks. And wear the appropriate gear. Here are 10 items you absolutely need to ride in the heat.

Summer Cycling Jersey – It’s a lightweight, short-sleeve jersey just for this season. Some have even lighter fabric for the hottest and/or most humid conditions. And some have mesh panels for ventilation to stay cool on the move.

Bike Shorts – They have padding in all the right places to keep you comfortable and prevent chafing. Some pairs have lighter fabric, perfect for summer riding. And some have a perforated or semi-detached chamois pad for better airflow.

Gilet – A lightweight, sleeveless, zip-up shirt with a full length. There’s more protection for your core, but without the extra coverage of a jacket. You can use the zip for ventilation. When you don’t need it, just tuck it away in your backpack.

Well-Ventilated Helmet – You need something with plenty of vents to keep your head cool. Make sure it’s comfortable, durable, and safe.

Cycling Cap – It sits under your helmet with a soft peak to keep the sun out of your eyes. Get one that’s thin and partially mesh so your head doesn’t overheat. You can pre-soak the cap in water to get the most evaporation.

Arm/Sleeve Screens – They’re made from a thin material that reflects the sun to keep it from hitting your skin and keep you cool.

Gloves – They keep your hands sweat-free, giving you optimal handlebar grip and shifting power. They also keep the backs of your hands from getting burnt by the sun.

Socks – Synthetic summer cycling socks have mesh-like construction for airflow and wicking. Your feet will swell in the heat, so get a pair with plenty of width.

Sunglasses – Your eyes can burn, too, so these are a must for summer rides. They’ll also protect you from bugs, dust, dirt, and flying debris from the trails.

Sunscreen – Apply a high SPF sunscreen 30 minutes before you go out. Cover every part that’s visible to the sun. Reapply every two hours, especially if you’re sweating a lot.

All of your hot-weather gear has to be light, well-ventilate, and sweat-wicking. You also have to know the signs of heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Like dizziness, nausea, confusion, and rapid heat beat. If you experience any of this, immediately stop riding, find shade, and hydrate. In extreme heat, lessen the length and intensity of your ride. Or play it safe and stay home. And if you’re ever concerned doubt about your health, see a doctor.

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