Your bike runs smoothly and efficiently when it’s clean. The parts can work as intended and they’ll suffer less wear and tear over time. It’s also more fun to ride when you know you’re not covered in dirt and debris. Here’s a simple wash routine you can follow every 100 miles. Or after a really dirty or muddy outing.

1. Clean the drivetrain.

Spray degreaser on the derailleurs and chain and scrub them down with a soft brush. You can do this with the wheel on or off. If it’s off, use a chain-keeper to keep the tension on the chain. Spray more degreaser on the chainrings and cassette and scrub them down. Use a gear brush to get into the cassette cogs. If the chain is still dirty, use a chain cleaner.

2. Clean the brakes and pads.

For rim brakes, wash and wipe off the braking surfaces. Do the same with the pads. Just be careful not to damage them. For disc brakes, use a dedicated brake cleaner or isopropyl alcohol on the rotors and pads. Then wipe them clean. Also clean the rims on any braking system.

3. Rinse off the main parts.

Wash the handlebars, seat post, seat stays and brake levers with soapy water and a soft brush or sponge. Rinse them with clean water and dry them with a microfiber towel. Cover them with silicone spray for extra shine and dirt protection.

4. Lube the chain.

Follow your bike manufacturer’s lube instructions. Then you won’t use too little or too much. Apply it while turning the pedals, putting a drop on each link so it can work its way in. Wipe off any excess so it doesn’t attract more dirt.

5. Show off your clean ride.

Your bike will feel new again when it’s clean, and you’ll have renewed excitement to ride. Take it out and show it off after a good wash. And repeat these steps when it’s dirty again!

More Bike Wash Tips in Scottsdale, AZ

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