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Beginning of SCOR Mountain Bikes

It all started at the Bike Manufacturing Company in Switzerland. Two employees, Mariano Schoefer and Christof Bigler, wanted something BMC didn’t have. A weekend bike that could handle the country’s diverse terrain. Lakes in foothills, forests with steep inclines and sharp corners, and rocky trails that were even more challenging in the rain. So they decided to make one.

First, they cut down a BMC Trailfox frame to slacken the head angle and lengthen the reach in the front, and shorten the chainstay in the rear. It became the V1 prototype. Word about this project spread to their coworkers, and more people got in on the action.

Then, they made the V2 prototype. It had the same geometries as the V1, but with a steepened seat tube angle to match the lengthened front end. Also the same short dual link layout as other models, but in a tighter and lower package to drop the center of gravity. The new suspension layout brought suppleness for loose trails, and needed support for corners and jump take-offs.

A lot of time and care went into the aesthetic appearance of the V2. It was put through months of testing all over Switzerland to ensure peek performance. A fellow BMC ambassador decided this was too different from the company’s other bikes, and they needed a new brand. And the SCOR Mountain Bike was born!

SCOR Bike Sketches

Building the Brand

The SCOR Mountain Bike brand was formed, and other BMC members came on board. The V2 prototype went into production. Christof worked on product design and personalization, while Mariano discovered that one frame could offer two travel options. The team chose carbon fiber as the base material.

They decided they wanted more bikes to have a bigger impact on the public. Including an e-bike. The first rideable samples were tested with an array of features and details. Mariano crashed one of them on the Chaumont jump trail, one of the wildest riding trails in the world. That warranted some changes. He reinforced the offending area so every bike could shrug off crashes.

The team never favored weight over function. The top priority was making something durable for hard riding. They used some of the same hardware as other BMC bikes, developed by Mariano. The brand evolved, but every decision related back to the desire for a fun bike everyone wanted to ride.

The line was first available in Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, and the United States. They opened brick and mortar stores to sell bikes, frame sets, accessories, spare parts, and other merchandise. Everything the customer needed, all in one place.

SCOR Bike Up Close

Current Bike Features

Full Carbon Frame – High-quality composites make it light, stiff, and, strong enough to shrug off any drops and fails. Cables are routed internally to keep things neat and tidy.

Different Travel Options – Switch between two rear travel options by changing the rear shock. The flip-chip and stealth angle-adjust headset ensure it doesn’t compromise the geometry.

Virtual Pivot Suspension – It’s supple off the top for the best grip with progressive support for riding too deep. The design keeps things stiff and low. It’s compatible with air and coil shocks.

Downtube Stash Box – It has a spare universal derailleur hanger and enough space for a multitool and tire plugs. You can always ride with trailside essentials.

Accessory Mounting Points – Travel with accessories on the downtube and bottom of the toptube. Nothing will scratch or damage the frame.

Chainstay Protector – Long travel bikes are known for being noisy, but this protector keeps things as quiet as possible.

EP8 Motor – The e-bike motor promises 85Nm of torque. The package and dimensions keep the center-of-gravity low.

720Wh – The e-bike battery lasts all day to help you ride further and play longer than ever. It’s serviced by Shimano.

29″ Wheels – You can roll over obstacles, push through rough terrain, and get maximum speed with big wheels.

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