Reynolds makes the most high-quality, high-performance bike wheels for road, mountain, gravel, and electric models. They’re designed and tested by experienced cyclists. People who know what you need for the most fun and efficient riding experiences. Whether it’s in the city, off-roading in the backwoods, or dominating races all over the country.

Top Advantages

Carbon is the lightest material used in bike wheels. Less weight means better speed and performance. Reynolds wheels also have lower rotational mass, and they dampen the vibration of the bike. The rim profiles are especially unique, made for incredible aerodynamics, durability, and ride quality.

Most importantly, the wheels made with premium materials. Reynolds has a strong relationship with its suppliers and access to a wide variety of composites. So the company can test different layups and find the perfect match for the demands of each design.

Design Process

Prototypes – Reynolds uses a computer numerical control (CNC) machine to create the molds for the rim shape. Next is the hand layup process. Applying layer after layer of carbon fiber and epoxy until the rim is ready to cure in the oven. Then it’s removed from the oven and mold, thoroughly inspected, and passed along for assembly.

Testing – Every wheel is put through rigorous and brutal tests before it hits the sales floor. Impact machines, lateral load tests, wind tunnels, and real-world beat downs. That way, the company can guarantee they’re reliable enough for the user.

Production – Once the wheels are tested, they’re sent to production facilities. Reynolds ensures they meet ISO/ETRO standards and the company’s own strict tolerances before final packaging.

Rim Technology

Reynolds Aero Versatility (RAV) – The philosophy by which all Reynolds road products are made. Advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) made with wind tunnel and real-world testing. Key design features that optimize overall versatility and performance. For road, gravel, and e-bike.

Dispersive Effect Termination (DET) – Used on Blacklabel Aero rim profiles. The most versatile and aerodynamic wheels on the market. The DET airfoil rim design smooths turbulent airflow. Reduces aerodynamic drag while creating a more stable ride. For road wheels.

CR6 Carbon Rim 6 – The most complex construction process employed by Reynolds. Different layup and material schedules for six different rim sections. A necessary process for creating complex rim profiles found in the Aero rims. For road wheels.

MR5 Mountain Rim – MR5 is the moniker for the construction process of Reynolds Blacklabel mountain bike rims. Every part considered on is own and as a holistic system to balance strength, durability, weight, and ride quality. For mountain wheels.

IDM Impact Dispersing Matrix – IDM is high-quality carbon fiber and unique resin with exceptional characteristics. Used in Blacklabel 309/289 XC and DH wheels. Optimized layup schedule for better impact strength and more fine-tuned ride quality. For mountain wheels.

PR3 Performance Rim 3 – Used with TR S and TR mountain wheels. Also with balanced structure, performance, and value. The overall rim profile, rim bead, and sidewall areas have their own unique fiber schedules. For all wheels.

CTG2 – Made for the Cryo-Blue Power brake pads. Premium brake technology found on all rim brake models. Special carbon fiber laminates and high-grade resins for superior braking power, modulation, and durability. For road wheels.

BWI – All rim brake wheels have a 10mm red line in the brake track at the valve hole to show excessive brake track wear.

HUB Technology

Blacklabel – Made and manufactured by Industry Nine in the United States. A proprietary hub shell unique to Reynolds. Improved performance and durability, optimized aerodynamics and power transfer, and low weight. An I9 Torch drive system with EDM wire cut pawls and ratchet ring for ultimate precision. A 3 pawl/60t ratchet ring for 6° engagement. Asymmetric and offset direct pull spoke flange for better wheel stiffness and integrity. Enduro premium bearings. For road, mountain, and gravel wheels.

Allroads (ARx/AR) – Road and gravel wheels with proprietary performance-orientated CNC machined hub shell designs. Balancing aerodynamics and power transfer with low weight and durability. A 4 pawl/36t ratchet ring for 10° engagement. Flange spacing for lateral stiffness. A modular design and interchangeable parts for easy service without tools. ABEC 3 bearings.

TRS & TR – Mountain wheels with proprietary performance-orientated CNC machined hub shell designs. Balancing aerodynamics and power transfer with low weight and durability. A 6 pawl phased/36t ratchet ring for 5° engagement for TRs. A 4 pawl/36t ratchet ring for 10° engagement for TR. Flange spacing for lateral stiffness. A modular design and interchangeable parts for easy service without tools. ABEC 3 bearings.

TRe – eMTB wheels made to cover steeper terrain in a shorter time. Allowing you to rider further and faster. An oversized hub shell with cooling fins. A 6 pawl in-phase/36t ratchet ring for 10° engagement. A 5-bearing rear hub design (3 bearings in freehub) to disperse the load of the motor. Lightweight steel axle and freehub body for more durability. A modular design for easy service without tools.

Spoke Technology

All Reynolds wheels have high-quality Sapim spokes – different types for different wheels.

CX-Ray – For all Blacklabel Aero wheels. Super strength, aerodynamic qualities, and ride characteristics in a lightweight package.

CX-Sprint – Everything on CX-Ray with more overall stiffness and a slightly heavier weight.

Spring – Double butted with great durability and ride compliance in a lightweight package.

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