You have to maintain your bikes drivetrain for smooth and efficient rides. Dirt, grime and grease will accumulate on the gears and chain over time. Causing friction and lessening your performance. It’s crucial to degrease the drivetrain regularly. When it’s clean, it lasts longer and works as intended!

When to Degrease Bikes Drivetrain

Your degreasing schedule depends on how often you bike, the conditions you bike in, and the type of chain lube you use. Do it weekly if you ride every day, or monthly for less frequent trips. Also after a wet or muddy outing. And if your drivetrain gets noisy or squeaky. Always remember to re-lube the chain when it’s clean. Otherwise you can’t shift properly. Or worse, it could rust and snap mid-ride.

How to Degrease Bikes Drivetrain

1. Get degreasing solvent or a dedicated bike degreaser, a chain cleaning tool and chain lube, a stiff-bristle brush, and clean rags.

2. Put your bike in a stand or safely suspend it. Lay down paper or a protective mat to catch drips and splatter.

3. Remove the back wheel. This isn’t mandatory, but it makes it easier to access the cassette and rear derailleur.

4. Apply a generous amount of degreaser to the chain, cassette, and derailleur pulleys. Let it sit for a few minutes to loosen any stuck dirt or grime.

5. Scrub the chain, cassette, and derailleur with a stiff-bristle brush. Be sure to get in between the cassette cogs.

6. Use a chain cleaning tool for a more thorough cleaning. It will agitate the degreaser and remove dirt from between the chain links.

7. Rinse off the chain, cassette, and derailleur with clean water. Wipe down all parts with clean rags to get rid of remaining grease and residue.

8. Let the parts dry completely. Turn the pedals while applying a high-quality chain lube. Wipe off excess lube with a clean rag.

9. Reattach the wheel if necessary. Shift through the gears to make sure the drivetrain runs smoothly.

Bike Service at Airpark Bike Co

It’s easy to clean and degrease your bikes drivetrain at home. Or you can get it professionally serviced at Airpark Bike Co. We can handle any routine or emergency maintenance. Including a dirty or noisy drivetrain, a dry or snapped chain, and more. In no time at all! You can buy replacement parts from us, too. We’re here to fulfill all of your cycling needs. Stop by or give us a call today!