There’s no better feeling than getting a new bike. And there’s no worse feeling than getting it stolen. Unfortunately, bike theft is incredibly common in the U.S. So we’ve gathered up a list of things to do to protect your ride. As well as a list of things to do if it’s taken for a quick recovery!

How to Prevent Bike Theft

1. Keep your bike in a secure area. It’s best to leave it in a well-lit place with plenty of security cameras and foot traffic.

2. Keep it inside at night. Thieves like to operate in the dark with less people around. Move it to your home or garage at night.

3. Register it. Police, theft victims, and potential buyers can identify it if it’s stolen. Then it can be returned to its rightful owners.

4. Remember the serial number. You need the number, one or more pictures of the bike, and the original sales receipt if possible.

5. Use a U-lock. It’s a giant padlock that’s incredibly durable and hard to break. Cable locks are easy to cut through with cable cutters or a saw.

6. Use two locks. Thread a U-lock through the frame, wheel, and bike rack. Loop a cable lock through the front and back wheel and through the U-lock.

7. Lock the frame and wheel together. If you only secure the wheel, a thief can remove it and steal the rest of the bike.

8. Use a bike rack. A rack is more secure than a pole. It might have a chain inside the poles to lock to put around your bike for extra protection.

How to Recover a Stolen Bike

1. File a police report. Include photos, identifying features, and the serial number. The police might be able to locate your bike in just a few hours.

2. File an insurance claim. If your bike is covered by your home owner’s or renter’s insurance, you might get reimbursed for some or all of its value.

3. Call local bike shops. The thief might sell your bike for quick cash. It’s your right to get it back without having to pay for it. You just need to prove that it’s yours.

4. Check marketplace apps, local markets, and impound yards. Again, you just need proof of ownership for an easy return.

5. Check bike recovery sites. You can see if anyone has found your bike, or share about the theft so other people can help track it down.

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