You’ll eventually have to replace the brake pads on your bike. Likely because they’re worn down. Or you want to try a different pad type. For example, you can switch from organic for semi-metal to see if it works better for your rides. Pads can last anywhere from 3,000 to 6,000 miles. Here’s a really simple guide to replace them for rim or disc brakes.

How to Replace Rim Brake Pads

1. Find the brake pads. They’re attached to the brake arms on either side of the rim, and held in place by a bolt.

2. Loosen the bolt holding the pad. Turn it counterclockwise with an Allen wrench. Slide the old pad out of the holder.

3. Clean the pad holder with a cloth or small brush. Slide in the new brake into the holder and line it up with the rim.

4. Make sure the pad is snug against the rim, making even contact with the braking surface. Retighten it with the wrench.

5. Squeeze the brake lever to make sure the pads evenly engage on both sides of the rim. Make adjustments if needed.

6. Repeat this process for the other front or rear brake pad.

How to Replace Disc Brake Pads

1. Find the brake caliper near the disc rotor. It’s typically attached to the frame or fork.

2. Use an Allen wrench to loosen the bolts holding the caliper in place. Just enough to let it move.

3. Gently pry the brake pads apart with a flathead screwdriver. This makes enough space to remove the caliper.

4. Slide the caliper off the disc rotor. Make sure you don’t touch the spinning rotor during removal.

5. Use tools to remove pins or clips on the pads if needed. Slide out the old pads.

6. Clean the inside of the caliper. Slide in the new pads. Re-secure them with pins or clips if needed.

7. Make sure the pads are aligned with the rotor. Slide the caliper back onto the rotor and retighten the bolts.

8. Squeeze the brake lever to make sure the pads properly engage with the rotor. Make adjustments if needed.

Bike Brake Service in Scottsdale, AZ

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