Juliana Bicycles makes mountain bikes just for women. With special designs and features that accommodate female anatomy. This is actually the sister brand to Santa Cruz Bicycles. The legacy and innovation behind Juliana is unmatched. Because everyone deserves to have fun on two wheels! If you’re a woman who wants to rule the trails, this post is for you.

Origin of Juliana Bikes

The brand’s namesake is Juliana Furtado. She rose to prominence in the ’80s and ’90s. Winning top-tier events like the US National Road Championship and Mountain Bike World Championship. She also participated in the Atlanta Olympics. Her success paved the way for other women to join the sport. In 1999, Furtado teamed up with Santa Cruz Bicycles to launch the first-ever women’s specific mountain bike. Called the Furtado. Juliana Bicycles officially launched in 2013. Now, there’s a diverse range of models for different disciplines and skill levels.

Women’s-Specific Features

Juliana doesn’t just shrink down men’s bikes. Instead, it tailors the frame geometry to meet the needs of women. The models also have different wheel sizes and frame colors. Along with special Juliana-branded parts. Like grips, bars, saddles, and shock tunes. The brand works with women MTBers to include their needs and opinions in its designs. Giving you a comfortable, efficient, fun, and aesthetically-pleasing riding experience.

Juliana Women's-Specific Bikes

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