There are many important decisions to make for your mountain bike. Like choosing between plastic and metal pedals. Both materials have their own advantages. What’s right for you depends on your riding style and travel preferences. Along with your budget. Let’s compare so you can decide.

Plastic Mountain Bike Pedals

Plastic pedals are more affordable than metal pedals. Great for beginner mountain bikers or those with a tight budget. They’re typically lighter and quieter, contributing to faster and more serene rides. Best of all, this material suffers less damage, and it’s easier to clean and maintain.

Modern engineering has made plastic pedals more durable and robust. But they’re still not as strong as metal, and they wear out faster. Lastly, they don’t offer as much grip. But you can get more with extra pins and parts.

Metal Mountain Bike Pedals

Metal is stiffer and more durable for bike pedals. For more control and power transfer, and better overall performance. They’re made from aluminum or stainless steel to handle impacts and strikes wear better than plastic. You also get superior grip because of metal pins or other parts. This is ideal for wet or challenging conditions.

While metal pedals are more expensive, they’re still favored by more experienced riders and racers. They’re generally heavier and noisier than a plastic set. But you might not notice or care. Finally, they’re more prone to scratches, scuffs and corrosions. And often require more lubrication and maintenance over time.

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