Yeti already has a beloved SB140 27.5″ bike. And now there’s the 2023 SB140 29″! Made with 29er front and rear wheels for the most untamed mountains and trails. Ride deeper and further than ever with incredible clearance and efficiency. It comes in regular and Lunch Ride versions. The same features and specs, but different geometry. LR pays homage to the set ups of Yeti employee bikes, so they can enjoy their favorite hobby on their lunch break.

2023 Yeti SB140 29″ Highlights

  • S-XXL Frame Sizes
  • 29″ Front and Rear Wheels
  • New Threaded Bottom Bracket
  • New High-Clearance Downtube
  • New Dual-Density Downtube Protection
  • New Dust and Loch Colors
  • Standard Sealed Enduro Max Bearings
  • Floating Collet Axle Pivot Design
  • Wishbone Shock Extender
  • Universal Derailleur Hanger
  • Fully Internal Cable Routing
  • Long Dropper Compatibility
  • Boost Spacing

Check out the 2023 Yeti SB140 29″ Research Page and 2023 Yeti SB140 Lunch Ride 29″ for full specs, geometry, and pricing.

  • 2023 Yeti SB140 Lunch Ride 29
  • 2023 Yeti SB140 Lunch Ride 29
  • 2023 Yeti SB140 Lunch Ride 29
  • 2023 Yeti SB140 Lunch Ride 29
  • 2023 Yeti SB140 Lunch Ride 29
  • 2023 Yeti SB140 Lunch Ride 29
  • 2023 Yeti SB140 Lunch Ride 29
  • 2023 Yeti SB140 Lunch Ride 29
  • 2023 Yeti SB140 Lunch Ride 29
  • 2023 Yeti SB140 Lunch Ride 29

What’s New on the 2023 Yeti SB140 29″

The new SB140 29″ and SB140 Lunch Ride 29″ have all of the same features. The frame has a compact section with a high-clearance downtube. No need to worry about bumps or debris on the trail interfering with your ride. The downtube even has protection. If you happen to hit something, there’s very little chance of damage.

The universal derailleur hanger pivots back and forth out of the way to protect your derailleur against chain jams. Enduro Max bearings are located in the pivot linkages, not the frame. You’re less likely to damage them while swapping them for new ones. The bearings and UDH are sold at almost any bike shop, Yeti dealer or not. No stress when you need replacements.

The frame itself comes in five sizes, from small to extra-extra-large, to accommodate all heights. Also, the size-specific seat tube angles and chainstay lengths give everyone the same level of performance. This bike was put through hours of ride testing to ensure kinematics pair seamlessly with the shocks. In turn, you get the most out of the suspension.

There’s even a wishbone shock extender for optimal clamping and shock compatibility. On top of everything, you get two new color choices, Sangria and Sage. And we can’t forget about returning features. The best SRAM equipment, including the rotors, brakes, crank, cassette, chain, and shifter.

Plus a Fox Factory fork and shock, and long dropper compatibility. This bike will be the talk of your friends, neighbors, and anyone you pass on the trails. Take advantage of the big wheels and ride as deep as you want. Then you can explore the most uncharted terrain.

Buy the 2023 Yeti SB140 in Scottsdale, AZ

It’s time to check out the 2023 Yeti SB140 in person. We have it here at Airpark Bike Co in Scottsdale, AZ! Our team will help you find a build that accommodates your riding style and your budget. Yeti is a race-winning brand for the most fun and daring times on two wheels. That’s proven with the SB140. Buy this amazing bike today!