The Santa Cruz Glovebox is the most innovative bike frame storage system. A place for tools, money, snacks, gloves, and even a light raincoat. Essential items for cycling. You’re traveling with them anyway. But the Glovebox keeps them safe and out of the way as you shred the trails. This bike feature is so great, it won a 2023 Design and Innovation Award. Highlighting its high quality and incredible convenience.

Glovebox in the Downtube

The Glovebox is in the top part of the down tube. Right under the bottle cage. It has an easy-to-use metal closure to quickly get to your items. Even with gloves on. The compartment has no sharp edges, so nothing gets damaged going in or out. There’s also a partition wall at the bottom to stop the contents from falling further into the frame.

Santa Cruz Glovebox In-Frame Storage System

Tool Wallet and Tube Purse

A tool wallet and tube purse is included with the Glovebox. You can fit a multi-tool, tire pump, tire plugs, money, and small snacks in the wallet. The purse is for a 27.5″ or 29″ tire tube. Both pouches fit snuggly in the frame, and won’t rattle around. Just pull them out with the durable fabric straps. And tuck them right back in when you’re done.

Santa Cruz Glovebox Tool Wallet and Tube Purse

Get a Glovebox on New Santa Cruz Bikes

All 2023 and newer Santa Cruz bikes have a Glovebox. You can buy one today at our shop in Scottsdale. Then you can experience the fun and convenience of this storage system! We have over 100 build kits in stock from this brand. At the most competitive prices! Your Santa Cruz journey starts with us.